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Testetti for testaieu

Production area
Val Graveglia (GE)

The Latins called testa (head) the brick, the roofing-tile, the terracotta pot, or a pot in general. The Ligurians from the inland called testetti the small earthenware frying pans used to cooked the so-called testaieu: small focaccia made with flour, water, and salt.
The processing of testetti is long: first of all, it is necessary to get the clay and mix it with the adequate quantity of water with the help of a press. The obtained dough must be dried for about one week; afterwards, the craftsman creates round masses that are put into a special iron mold giving the clay the shape of testetto. At this point, they are ready to cook testaieu.

How to prepare it

  • Ingredients: 500 g common wheat flour, half liter water, and salt.
  • Preparation: mix the flour with water and salt. Put testetti piled up over the fire for about ten minutes, until they are red-hot; take them off the fire and pour one spoonful of batter, pile them up again for 5/6 minutes without putting them over the fire. Once cooked thanks to the heat, you can taste them flavored with oil and cheese, or with pesto.
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