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Scueta Franta - Crumbled Ricotta Cheese

Scueta Franta is crumbled ricotta cheese of Carnia and is still today the result of a particular processing belonging to the history of the traditions and secrets handed down by grandparents. Scueta, a local term for ricotta cheese, is obtained from the sweet whey of cow's milk, but becomes franta (crumbled) after a careful process beginning with the dripping of ricotta in special small bags that are tied up and pressed. The product is then salted and broken, and then flavored with a mixture of salt, pepper, natural aromas, and a pinch of "family secret". Maturation takes place in cylindrical wooden vats covered with a linen cloth, salty water, and a special heavy lid. After a few weeks of maturation and fermentation, scueta franta is ready.

The Producers
  Carniagricola Formaggi e Salumi
Others - Enemonzo (UD)
  Azienda Agricola Sonia Dionisio
Agricultural Holdings - Lauco (UD)

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