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The Products of Carnia
The most pleasant way to discover the history and culture of a land is to enjoy its tastes and fragrances. The very ancient tradition of the products of Carnia, made of hard work, skills, devotion, passion, and jealously guarded secrets that have been proudly handed down, well represents the uniqueness of our land.

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The ancient cheese-making tradition of Carnia is well represented by Carnico cheese, whose typicalit... >>
Formadi FrantFormadi Frant
Formadi Frant is formed by a mixture of cut up dairy cheese with various maturation periods, produce... >>
  Formàdi salâtFormàdi salât
Formàdi salât is a cow's milk cheese with a hard texture, although softer than the ... >>
   Scueta Franta - Crumbled Ricotta Cheese
Scueta Franta is crumbled ricotta cheese of Carnia and is still today the result of a particular pro... >>
  Smoked Ricotta CheeseSmoked Ricotta Cheese
Smoked ricotta cheese is produced in malga and in some cheese factories of the mountain valleys of F... >>
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