Parco Naturale del Gran Bosco di Salbertrand

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Salbertrand-Ser Blanc Road

On foot By bike         
  • Departure: Salbertrand presso

It leaves in Salbertrand, from Pinea picnic area and leads to Ser Blanc picnic area after 6km and 28 hairpin bends in the heart of Gran Bosco (680m of difference in height).
It was laid down in 1889 by the military engineers for war purposes, but it soon became an important connection with the area of Crò-Sersaret, which once could be reached only by following the mule track coming from Gran Bosco.
Along the way, the road meets in more than one point by the trail "Crossing the Bends" (no. 1), and you will meet several branches:

  • The road leading to the 18th-century icehouse built in the late 18th century.
  • The road leading to the fortified area of Bergà, dating back to 1890.
  • The connection road with Buissoniere, laid down in 1965.
  • The connection road reaching Etanche, laid down in 1966.

Salbertrand Ser Blanc Road
Salbertrand Ser Blanc Road

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