Parco Naturale del Gran Bosco di Salbertrand

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Road Arguel - Gran Seren

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    This road was laid down at the time of the Triple Alliance in order to fortify the ridge. It has the characteristic features of a military road and, in some stretches, it is still possible to see the dry-stone walls and the pavement made of stones arranged according to the so-called "knife" technique. During the latest years, many works of maintenance and water canalization were carried out. The whole stretch within the protected area (4,460 meters in length) is closed to unauthorized motor vehicles. There is a bar about ten meters after Arguel summer mountain pasture. Beyond the summer mountain pasture (at an altitude of 1,961m), the larch woodland gradually gives way to wide grasslands and the view opens over Valle di Susa, Vallone del Galambra, Cima Quattro Denti, and Lower Val Cenischia.
    Before reaching the barracks of Gran Seren, a dirt road begins on the right: on foot or by mountain bike, it mainly develops outside the Park boundaries and leads to Colle delle Finestre. It was laid down in 1889 as a military connection between Colle delle Finestre and Gran Seren and was abandoned in 1936/1938, when the new road of Val Chisone (Pian dell'Alpe - Assietta) was built.

    Road Arguel Gran Seren
    Road Arguel Gran Seren

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