Points of Interest

Vallone Madonna degli Angeli

The relict population of the Fir of Madonie (Abies Nebrodensis) consists of twenty-nine unique specimens in the world - considered endangered species - situated in the area of Vallone Madonna degli Angeli. It represents the main aspect of the natural heritage of Madonie. The surviving station which has been for years closed to the public remains the privileged destination for the people who want to appreciate what is the main and emblematic expression of nature in Madonie, above all for the role it has played in the forest populating of the region.


Piano Pomo

This location is situated at 1,400m above sea level, along the border between Petralia Sottana and Castelbuono, and can be easily reached from Pomieri or from the mountain hut Sempria. For its monumentality among the environmental elements of vegetational importance, the Huge Hollies population of Piano Pomo stands out. One of the five nuclei forms a very thick wood, within which not a lot of light can filter through. The exceptional aspect of the biotope is represented by the extraordinary dimension of the single specimens, some of which reaching more than three hundred years of age, more than fourteen meters of height, and four in circumference.


Piano Battaglia

In the heart of the Park, among Polizzi Generosa, Petralia Sottana, and Isnello, at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level there is the only skiing resort with skilifts and ski slopes of western Sicily. Piano Battaglia, if the snow conditions allow it, welcomes every year most part of the skiers coming from every part of the island. It is the departure point of the great ski touring and ski hiking traverses interesting Pizzo Carbonara, Monte Ferro, Monte Spina Puci, and Monte Mufara. Moreover, it is possible to practice cross-country skiing and ski touring. The Battaglietta trail is the most famous one. In summer it becomes the ideal destination for hiking-lovers, and refreshment point in the hottest days for the tourists of the nearby Cefalù.


Madonna dell'Alto Sanctuary

There are several religious buildings in the Madonie: Abbeys, Sanctuaries, Rupestral Churches, and Monasteries scattered throughout the territory. We cannot avoid to mention Madonna dell'Alto Sanctuary (14th century). Situated on the highest peaks of Madonie (1,819m), it is the traditional destination of religious tourism. Barefooted pilgrims reach it in several annual appointments from the adjacent towns, given the religiosity and the devotion which is widespread also outside the borders of Madonie. Besides the religious aspect, another important element in the choice of this destination by the tourist is the landscape, and the healthy environment offered by the place. The summits are windows from where you can have a look over almost all the Sicilian territory.


Tiberio Gorges

In the territory of the Municipality of San Mauro Castelverde, a town in the eastern side of Madonie along the river Pollina, outcrops of Mesozoic limestone shaped by the river erosion gave birth to the Gorges of Tiberio. Reaching and visiting them represents an adventurous moment for people who love practicing fluvial sports. It is their ideal destination in spring, when the river becomes navigable. In summer, it is also possible to swim in the uncontaminated water. Several researchers come here to improve their scientific knowledge.

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