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Toma d'alpeggio

Toma d'alpeggio
Toma d'alpeggio

Toma is a cheese produced throughout the Alpine arc, especially in the Piemonte region. Interestingly, it tends to crop up in those areas where the classic mountain "fontina" and"fromadzo" cheese has less of a presence. Even though the Toma produced in the Canavese area is DOP mark awarded, local breeders (margari) do not sell the cheese using the Protected Designation Origin (DOP) status. Whole or skimmed milk is heated up to 32/36 degrees, then calf rennet is added.

The lumpy curdle is turned, salted, pressed and transferred into dried or brined forms for about two months. Shape, weight and dimension can change. The crust is pale yellow, gray or brown-ocher, depending on the ageing period. The paste is pale white or yellow and compact, with small holes and softness near the crust.

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