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Surface Area: 71.043,00 ha
Provinces: AO, TO
Establishment: 1922
  • Wild ibex and Gran Paradiso massif (photo by Luciano Ramires)
  • Crocuses in Valnontey (photo by Nicola Gèrard)
  • Gran Paradiso from Casa Aouillier (photo by Enzo Massa Micon)

All the patches of Heaven...

Gran Paradiso National Park was the first national park to be established in Italy. It includes a large territory of high mountains, from the 800 meters of the valley bottoms to the 4,061 meters of Gran Paradiso peak. Larch and fir woodlands, wide alpine grasslands, rocks, and glaciers make up an ideal setting for the life of a rich and various wildlife and for a visit leading to the discovery of the wonderful world of the high mountains.

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