Valle di Cogne, Sylvenoire Woodland

Tour with snow rackets

  • Trail Conditions: On foot,
  • Interest: Flora, Wildlife, Panorama
  • Departure: Parcheggio limitrofo al ristorante Lou Reussignon, Cogne (AO) (1,540m)
  • Arrival: Pianoro di Sylvenoire (1,680m)
  • Duration: 1 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: T - Tourist (level)
  • Difference in height: Uphill 200m

The suggested itinerary develops in Valle di Cogne, exactly above the town center, and requires the use of snowshoes. From the car park, continue along the upstream narrow road going uphill on the right until you reach the Park Keepers head office. From there, follow the steep trail entering the woodland (this is the steepest stretch of the whole itinerary!), and then go downhill until you reach a level clearing, where a wonderful house called "Stambeccaia" marks the end of the inhabited area. Always following the snowshoes track leading into the thick woodland, after meeting the cross-country skiing tracks, you will reach the first plateau of Sylvenoire di Cogne, where you will also find the homonymous café.
This wonderful forest of larch trees, spruce firs, Swiss pines, birch trees, and common aspens has a northern exposure and is a high-trunk re-colonization of an old stone ground. Follow the "plateau" of Sylvenoire along the cross-country ski track leading to Lillaz; before the beginning of the downhill stretch towards Champlong, follow the trail markers of the snowshoes track leading back to Cogne. Here you will find the beginning of a ring-route going up and down across this woodland, called "the enchanted woodland". More or less long and silent stops will give the opportunity to listen to the singing of the Crested Tits and the Blue Tits mixing with the voice of the Spotted Nutcracker, and the drumming of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker. It will be easy to sight chamois, populating this woodland in all seasons, as well as the more elusive roe deer.

Chamois in the snow
Chamois in the snow
Panorama with snow
Panorama with snow
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