Parco Nazionale della Sila - Il Parco nel centro del Mediterraneo

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In the heart of Calabria, an extraordinary mountain stands out. Between the Tyrrhenian and the Jonian Sea, very rich in water and forests, the unique Sila can evoke the landscapes of the "big north" of Europe and America. An image clashing with the dry and bare rocks of Aspromonte and Pollino and, during the winter, becoming even stronger and more exciting when a cold microclimate covers the heart of the Sila with a thick snow mantle.
A mountain that, together with the signs of time, carries the signs of history. Already known almost three millennia ago by the Greeks who settled along the coast and by the warlike Bruzi of the inland, the mountain became in the Middle Ages an oasis of peacefulness and faith for small communities of Basilian monks coming from the Middle East and from Greece. A mystic land who inspired the preaching of Joachim of Fiore, a monk born in these mountains, who went as a pilgrim to the Holy Land, and who founded in the late 11th century the Badia Florense, the most important religious monument of this section of Calabria.
A landscape rich in forests and silence, where communities of breeders and woodsmen have found hospitality and have created a rural civilization very different from the one of the towns and the coast.
Enjoying the beauties of Sila means living an unforgettable experience, during which the atmosphere and the naturalistic value of the mountains become a casket of emotions to preserve, share, and promote in Italy, Europe, and all over the world.
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Parco Nazionale della Sila - Il Parco nel centro del Mediterraneo
Parco Nazionale della Sila - Il Parco nel centro del Mediterraneo
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