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Val Grande goat\'s milk cheese
Val Grande goat's milk cheese

Val Grande is the largest wilderness area in Italy, but also an extraordinary outdoor museum of the past mountain civilization, today brought back to life by some "pioneers of taste" thanks to their local products. Small entrepreneurs who have chosen to live their life in harmony with nature and who draw from it their sustenance through the passionate transformation of the products of this land. Their production methods, so far from the industrial ones, express passion, typicality, genuineness, uniqueness, but also a link to the wild Val Grande around which they carry out their activities. As a matter of fact, Val Grande is an area that has been abandoned for over 50 years, and the production activities are carried out along its perimeter or inside it, like traditional beekeeping. Sheep and goat breeding represented for a long time the one and only sustenance activity in this area of Piedmont.

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     Corte MerinaCheeseCossogno (VB)
     Borgo Monti S.r.l.Preserves, Further ProductsPremosello Chiovenda (VB)
     Cottini MarisaCheesePremosello Chiovenda (VB)
     Azienda Agricola Vivai di CuzzagoPremosello-Chiovenda (VB)
     Agriturismo RossolamponePreservesSan Bernardino Verbano (VB)
     Apicoltura Ca dul PinHoneyVogogna (VB)
     Azienda Agricola Barba DaniloVogogna (VB)
     Azienda Agricola Pizzato AndreaFurther ProductsVogogna (VB)
     Pasticceria ValentinoSweetsVogogna (VB)
     Antoniazza AlbertoHoneyIntragna (VB)
     Azienda Vitivinicola Edoardo PatroneWineDomodossola (VB)
     Cantine Garrone srlWineDomodossola (VB)
     Negrini FrancescaCheeseDomodossola (VB)
     Macelleria BeriniCold CutsBeura-Cardezza (VB)
     Mulino San GiorgioRice Pasta and CerealsBeura-Cardezza (VB)
     Panificio Conti di Conti Massimo & C. sncBreadDruogno (VB)
     Acque e Terme di VigezzoFurther ProductsMalesco (VB)
     Azienda Agricola Porta LauraMalesco (VB)
     Il Nuovo Pastificio Ossolano di Di Pietro Simone e Piffero LucaRice Pasta and CerealsMalesco (VB)
     Macelleria PulianiAutochthonous Breed and MeatRe (VB)

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