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Ossolano Cheese (or Mezzapasta or Spress)

Ossolano Cheese (or Mezzapasta or Spress)
Ossolano cheese (or Mezzapasta or Spress)

It is the founder of all the mountain cheese produced in Ossola and Sesia Valley. It is a fat cheese characterized by a longer maturation process and, therefore, it must be produced with partially skimmed milk. The rounds have a variable weight (from 5 to 6 kilos); the color of the rind, with a medium consistency, goes from yellow-light brown to brown-grey according to the maturation process. The texture, compact and hard, can be straw yellow or intense yellow and generally has small, widely-spaced, and irregular holes. To produce Ossolano cheese, the curd is broken twice: the first time - coarsely - after coagulation (at 30°C), the second - thinner, as a rice grain - during the cooking stage (at 40°C). After the manual extraction with the clothes, the texture is put into molds, energetically pressed and salted on both sides (dry or pickled). The maturation process can last from 3 to 14 months.

The Producers
  Negrini Francesca
Others - Domodossola (VB)
  Latteria Vigezzina
Dairies - Santa Maria Maggiore (VB)
  Marina Della Piazza
Others - Trontano (VB)

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