The bakers working in the Municipalities of the Vesuvius are considered bread-making masters for the production of bread shapes that have maintained both original production method and ingredients, and therefore represent genuine and top-quality products.

Production Area
All the Park Municipalities.

Bread-making is a tradition that, in the area of Vesuvius, is handed down from father to son. Its main feature is leavening, which is a natural leavening based on "criscito": that is water, flour, and part of the dough taken from the previous batches, left fermenting for over ten hours.
The characteristic palatone has a tapered shape. It is prepared with common wheat flour, brewer's yeast, water, rigorously local, and the exact quantity of salt. The flour is added to brewer's yeast melted in mild water, and the mixture is left standing for several hours. The dough is then modelled in shapes whose weight goes from half a kilo to two kilos and which are baked in a wood-burning oven. The features of the bread of Vesuvius are a thin and golden crust and its delicious white soft part, that remains fragrant for several days.

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