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Table of local products
Table of local products

The Paniere del Parco delle Prealpi Giulie

The "Paniere del Parco" is the project with which the Prealpi Giulie Regional Nature Park intends to make the people know and appreciate the territory's typical products. It is based on the excellent products that can be found in the towns of the protected area (Garlic from Resia, Alm Montasio Cheese, "Brovadâr" from Moggio Udinese, Venzone Pumpkin and Fiorina bean from Lusevera), and it aims at enhancing the whole agricultural-food field.
The project has ambitious goals ranging from the promotion to the involvement of local restaurant owners and processing facilities, from the training of the operators belonging to the different categories to the fostering and supporting of the local farmers. Through them, they try to implement the best methods to affect both the economy and the social dynamics  of the area through a sustainable development. Therefore, the managing body of the Protected Area chose the Parco Agroalimentare San Daniele del Friuli as favorite partner of this event, which also the local governments and the several associations take part in. The favorite showcase of the project is the "Festa dell'Agricoltura" (Agriculture Festival) in Resiutta. 

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  The Montasio di Malga cheeseThe Montasio di Malga cheese
The Montasio Alpine Meadow, in the Municipality of Chiusaforte on the upland of the same name - betw... >>
  Brovadâr of MoggioBrovadâr of Moggio
The Brovadâr is the result of the traditional processing of the field mustard (Brassica rapa) ... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
Fiorina bean of LuseveraFiorina bean of Lusevera
Friuli's mountains are characterized by the old tradition of the bean cultivation, which is usua... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
Slow Food Presidium
Garlic of ResiaGarlic of Resia
The mountains of Friuli preserve in their territories resources that have been elsewhere forgotten. ... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
  Pumpkin of VenzonePumpkin of Venzone
The Municipality of Venzone is famous in the Region thanks to its "Pumpkin Festival". During this ev... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
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