Azienda Agrituristica Tholos
Località Collarso, 65020, Roccamorice (PE)
Tel: 085/8572590, Mobile: 335/8272210,
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Tholos is situated in Abruzzi, in Majella National Park, at 700m of altitude and at about three kilometers from Roccamorice, a very ancient stone built village at the top of a rocky spur and protected by the several canyons surrounding it.
The Holiday Farm has been named after a dry-stone hut situated in the farm: the ancient tholos structure, used in the past as a shelter by shepherds, is used today for the various activities carried out in the farm and, on demand, also as a dining hall for very original ceremonies.
Our cuisine is the result of a very appreciated combination between man and environment. Paying particular attention to the respect of the Mediterranean diet, it offers the tastes of the ancient recipes of Abruzzi that have been forgotten. The spontaneous herbs of our mountains: the borage, herbs like the so-called cacigni, crested wartycabbage, fat hen, mixed chicories, acacia flowers, rose petals; handmade pasta with ancient flours: sagne, corde di chiochie, taccozze, ravioli, chitarra, pappardelle, crepes with ricotta cheese; meat: lamb, sheep, kid, black pig, rabbit, chicken, and game; our cheese: fresh and mature pecorino cheese, cacio-ricotta with goat's milk, junket, pecorino cream, ricotta to taste when it is hot or with sugar and cinnamon; our desserts: D'Annunzio's parrozzo, nevole made with the characteristic hand-forged iron tool, jam tarts made with our jam, and fruit desserts.
Tholos and the Project ''Coltiviamo la Diversità''
The Holiday Farm, in association with Majella National Park, has joined the projects "Qualità della Zootecnia Estensiva" (Quality of Extensive Husbandry) and "Progetto di Recupero Conservazione e Valorizzazione delle Risorse Genetiche Agricole Autoctone" (Project for the Preservation and Enhancement of the Autochthonous Agricultural Genetic Resources).
The agricultural holding covers over 10 ha, mainly situated in Majella National Park and mainly cultivated with spelt, solina wheat, and an organic orchard. The breeding activity mainly includes goats and sheep, from which quality dairy products are obtained.>>>
Exit Alanno-Scafa along A25. From Scafa, take SS 487 and head for San Valentino; immediately after San Valentino turn left to Roccamorice and, beyond the town, go ahead to S. Spirito. After about two kilometers, you will find a trough with fountain on the left; turn left and you will easily find us.

Tholos Agricultural Holding and Holiday Farm has joined the project
Cuciniamo la diversità of Majella National Park

Weather forecast
Weather Roccamorice
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Saturday 16 Partly cloudy 6 13 NNW 19 km/h
Sunday 17 Partly cloudy 8 15 N 9 km/h
Monday 18 Few clouds 8 16 NNE 7 km/h
Tuesday 19 Sunny 6 17 NNW 4 km/h
Wednesday 20 Sunny 9 20 SE 2 km/h
Thursday 21 Partly cloudy 7 18 SSW 16 km/h
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