Riserva naturale regionale laghi di Doberdo' e Pietrarossa

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Surface Area: 727,00 ha
Provinces: GO
Establishment: 1996
  • Casa Cadorna and Doberdò Lake (photo by Tina Klanjšček)
  • Smoke bushes (Cotinus coggygria) (photo by Tina Klanjšček)
  • Smoke bushes (Cotinus coggygria) (photo by Tina Klanjšček)

Two gems set in Karst rocks

The Laghi di Doberdò e Pietrarossa Regional Nature Reserve was established with the Regional Law no. 42 of September 30th, 1996 (article 48). The reserve is situated on the Karst region near Gorizia, mostly in the municipalities of Doberdò del Lago, Monfalcone and Ronchi dei Legionari.
The distinguishing element of the Reserve is the presence of two large karst hollows (called polje) containing two lakes separated by calcareous reliefs. Since the Karst plateau mainly consists of limestone - a very permeable carbonate rock - the whole territory lacks a superficial hydrography, because the water is confined to the underground.
As a consequence, the presence of the lakes contrasts the surrounding dryness and allows the development of ecosystems that are typical of the wetland (normally absent all over the Karst region), and gives the protected area a high biodiversity level.
Walking the paths of this protected area you will thus have the opportunity to observe the passage from one habitat made of dry environments, such as the moor meadows or the cut through fields, to the habitats made of wetlands surrounding the lakes.

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