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The Tastes of Lessinia

Lessinia is characterized by a rich wine production and gastronomy, linked to local dishes and products like "gnochi de malga", mushrooms, chestnuts, Monte Veronese cheese, and to famous wines of the piedmont area like Valpolicella, Amarone, Recioto, Soave, Valdadige-Terra dei Forti, and Lessini Durello.

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The Park Tastes
The Park Tastes
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Filled Cimbrian Cake
It is a cake linked to an ancient legend about three girls working as laborers during the hay cutting in the meadows of Lessinia. At the end of the summer, they wanted to celebrate their friendship with a cake, using the ingredients at their disposal:...
Category: Sweets
Frolle and Croccanti of Lessinia
A specialty of Lessini Mountains that was prepared for the first time in the far 19th century in the bakery of Rovere Veronese, still working. It is a very crumbly cake based on flour, butter, and sugar, with a vanilla and lemon scent. Modern bakeries...
Category: Sweets
Medicinal Herbs
Aromatic herbs are largely used in the preparation of herbal products and in cooking. Several medicinal products are prepared with these herbs: ointments, herb teas, and foodstuffs (oil, salt, and pasta) are based on the medicinal herbs picked up in...
Category: Fresh Herbs
Caciotta Erbezzina
It is a mountain cheese made with cow's milk and characterized by a short maturation period, whose name derives from the town where it is produced. This name has been given to it after a technical commission awarded it a prize during the traditional...
Category: Cheese
Cheese Flavored with Herbs and Special Cheese
According to a local habit dating back to the last century, aromatic herbs are added during the cheese processing. Among the most common herbs in Lessinia there are thyme, rosemary, sage, cumin, elder, calendula, nettle, lemon balm, fennel, mallow, oat...
Category: Cheese
Cimbrian Cheese
Cheese variety produced in the Municipality of Roverè Veronese: its name is linked to the Cimbrian German people that colonized Lessinia in the past. The milk used is gathered on the spot, often at over 1,000m of altitude. The mountain climate...
Category: Cheese
Goat Cheese
Goat breeding activities have been characterizing Lessinia since ancient times. Nowadays, a few small breeding activities still survive: the milk produced is used to make goat cheese, both fresh and mature, characterized by an intense taste, as well as...
Category: Cheese
Lessinia Cheese
The milk coming from the cattle breeding activities of Lessinia plateau is skillfully transformed into several cheese and caciotte in the local cheese-making factories. Besides the products that have already been described, the products that can obtain...
Category: Cheese
Milk, Butter, Yogurt, and Ice-Cream
The milk coming from Lessinia pastures is characterized by the organoleptic features deriving from the great variety of essences growing in the pastures. The properties of milk also characterize the products deriving from it which, as a consequence,...
Category: Cheese
Monte Veronese
Verona plain is delimited in the north by Lessini Mountains, a very ancient cheese-making area whose origins date back to the first 13th century Cimbrian settlements. Monte Veronese, which obtained the PDO in 1992, is a semi-cooked texture cheese produced...
Category: Cheese
Fruit and the Products of the Forest
The products of the forest and the undergrowth are ideal ingredients for many recipes: they are spontaneous products like mushrooms and truffles. However, fruits like strawberries, currants, blackberries, and raspberries deserve a special mention: their...
Category: Fruit
Marroni and San Mauro Marroni
Fossil finds demonstrate the presence of the chestnut tree already 23 million years ago. The cultivation area, called Castanetum, goes from 330m to 1,200m of altitude. Its fruits have represented for centuries a valid resource for the survival of the...
Category: Fruit
Liquors and Distilled Beverages
The mountains are the land of liquors: here people needs not only to struggle against the cold of the winter months, but also to support their spirit. Therefore, liquors and elixirs obtained from the fruits of the earth have become part of the mountain...
Category: Liquors and Distilled beverages
Honey and Similar Products
Local honey was already used in the 19th century instead of sugar, that was more expensive. In Lessinia there are different production realities linked to beekeeping. Besides the several kinds of honey (dandelion, acacia, cherry, chestnut, mixed flowers,...
Category: Honey
It is recognized that the mountain potato has top-quality organoleptic and nutritional features. Its cultivation is successful also in Lessinia, because the soil and climate are fit for the production of the varieties Desiree and Monnalisa.
Category: Vegetables and Legumes
Bread with Herbs and Bread with Walnuts
The bakeries of Lessinia have thought to enrich this essential product of the common diet with characteristic local ingredients, adding to the dough local wild herbs or the walnuts of Lessinia.
Category: Bread
Bread with Ricotta Cheese
Besides giving bread a delicate taste, the addition of ricotta and honey also makes it soft for a longer time.
Category: Bread
The cattle summer grazing activity has recently found a new drive in Lessinia, because it guarantees the production of excellent meat with organoleptic features deriving from the floristic composition of the pastures. The cow breeds in semi-open herding...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Cold Cuts and Sausages of Lessinia Park
Pork meat processing boasts a long tradition. It was born with the aim to preserve meat, in order to extend its availability. Still today, several products are obtained from the pig, and many of them are obtained in Lessinia from animals bred on the spot:...
Category: Cold Cuts
Cotechino was born from the need to use all the parts of the pig. As a matter of fact, it is still made with "discarded" parts like rinds, particularly hard muscles, pulp full of nerves, and lard skillfully mixed with salt, spices, and garlic. It is...
Category: Cold Cuts
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