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Femminello lemon of Syracuse

In 2011 the lemon of Syracuse got the PGI - Protected Geographical Indication. This species originates from an old cultivar of the Citrus x limon and is one of the most representative and popular citrus fruit in Italy. Syracuse is the largest exporter to Italy and Europe and a real reference point for the cultivation of this juicy and tasty species.

The Femminello is also famous for its oily part, produced by the external skin, that makes this lemon the first citrus in the world to be grown for the high quality of its essential oils.
Its main feature is the triple bloom, which produces three different types of lemons: the primofiore, ripening from October to March, the bianchetto from April to June and the verdello from July to September. The unique fertility of the plant has given the lemon of Syracuse the nickname "femminello", a dialectal Italian word meaning "feminine".
This plant is also used in cosmetics and herbal medicine. Dior, Chanel, Hermes and Dolce & Gabbana have included the sweet and citrus extract of the lemon in their perfumes.
Traditionally Femminello of Syracuse is linked to Saint Lucia, the patron saint of the city: during the procession of the saint statue from the countryside to the city - each December 20th - the saint is celebrated by bringing her the bigger and more juicy fruits.

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