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Recreational Fishing

You can now practice recreational fishing also in Plemmirio MPA!
The fishermen belonging to the local small-scale fishing associations have all agreed and look at the Marine Protected Area as a new opportunity of sustainable development to diversify their activity and reduce the fishing effort.
Eight boats have already obtained the RINA licence and the necessary authorizations from the competent Port Authority.
There have already been several tours by boat, with great satisfaction of the first lucky tourists who have inaugurated the interesting cruises.
Recreational tourism is the new tourist activity taking place on small-scale fishing boats. This activity aims at promoting the culture of the sea and the heritage of knowledge linked to sea professions and traditions.
It is exciting to have the opportunity to take part in a "catch" through the most ancient techniques and tricks and to taste fish, crustacea, and mollusks recently caught and cooked on board according to local recipes.
These activities are carried out according to the need of developing a responsible and long-lasting tourism.
Recreational tourism is open to everyone.
Boats have all the necessary equipment for the safety of their passengers, as well as the standard medical supplies.
It takes place all the year round, also on holidays, and it is also possible to carry out tours by night, when the fishing rituals offer unforgettable moments of particular charm.

For information, please contact the Info Point of the Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio at Foro Italico in Siracusa, Tel. +39 339 4699409 or send an E-mail to the address

Recreational Fishing

A Child-Friendly Nature

An Example of Accessible Tourism

It is not an inaccessible and aseptic nature sanctuary for men; on the contrary, everyone can enjoy it. As a matter of fact, the "cause of pride" of Plemmirio Marine Protected Area is the invitation and the real possibility for everyone, and in particular for children, to enjoy such beauties. It is the only Underwater Park studied for these categories, where everything, both activities and infrastructures, have been thought above all for them.
"Towards a child-friendly park", where children can enjoy the underwater and landscape beauties of the Maddalena Peninsula.
"Sea watching" was born to understand and better know, with the help of expert biologists, the underwater fauna through a simple "Snorkeling" activity, with flippers and mask and, for less experts, also with the help of an adequate jacket, or by experiencing the extraordinary feeling to breath underwater: as a matter of fact, in Plemmirio Marine Protected Area children will have the opportunity to learn diving in a short time thanks to special "baby diving" courses.

Photo by Giuseppe Muccio - Consorzio Plemmirio
Photo by Giuseppe Muccio - Consorzio Plemmirio
Photo by Giuseppe Muccio - Consorzio Plemmirio
Photo by Giuseppe Muccio - Consorzio Plemmirio
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