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Local fish fillets preserved in oil, such as tuna, mackerel, swordfish, are typical products coming from the area of Syracuse. Some companies uses these kind of fishes to make pâté and creamy fillings, ideal as an aperitif or appetizer.
Category: Preserves
In 2011 the lemon of Syracuse got the PGI - Protected Geographical Indication. This species originates from an old cultivar of the Citrus x limon and is one of the most representative and popular citrus fruit in Italy. Syracuse is the largest exporter...
Category: Fruit
The production area of these olives is located along the southeastern hills of Monti Iblei, nearby the city of Noto, within the Tellaro valley. The Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.), according to guidelines approved by the European Union, inform...
Category: Oil
Various species of fishes are found in the marine protected area, such as dolphin fish - Coryphaena hippurus - and its highly appreciated meat quality like tuna and bonito, red mullet and sardines. Some of these are the bases of traditional local recipes....
Category: Fish
From a traditional grape variety located nearby Syracuse, this wine is elegant, structured and perfumed, as its homeland. Known since 1600, this typical wine, distinctive product of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area, is now only produced by the winery...
Category: Wine
Saliens, from the Latin name meaning "bubbly", is an Italian sparkling wine made from muscat grapes of Syracuse partially dried. Thanks to the high quality of this wine the exquisite muscat grapes of Sicily are now returned to their former glory.
Category: Wine
Siracusa Muscat Wine is produced in the Municipality of Siracusa, with white muscat grapes locally called Yellow Muscat or Yellow Muscatel. It is characterized by an intense and particular fragrance. The minimum natural alcoholic strength is 15 degrees,...
Category: Wine
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