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Environmental education proposals for the school year 2015/2016

Plemmirio is the home of thousands of sea animals and plants that live here undisturbed. The Marine Protected Area has been created to protect fish, crabs, jellyfish, mollusks, turtles, seaweeds, and many other living beings, and to make their life easier and happier.
Help these animals because their survival is important to guarantee us a healthy future in harmony with nature. Visit Plemmirio Protected Area, discover it, and learn to respect and love the sea. Follow simple and useful rules to preserve this submerged world full of mystery and adventure, of new friends that are waiting for your help to save the environment.
How can you help us to defend the marine environment?
Follow Alfio's advice, the nice young grouper living in the waters of Plemmirio.

Environmental education
The Plemmirio Consortium, also aiming to give opportunities for the realization of environmental education programs, fosters any project of the Plemmirio Marine Area spreading the environmental themes, to convey and strengthen in the public opinion the awareness of the importance of a proper use of the coastal-marine environment and of the natural resources in general.
Within the environmental education activities, the Plemmirio Consortium started a fruitful relationship with the schools, with the aim to spread the knowledges about the sea environment, which complies other rules than those ruling on the earth.
It has been established a union between didactic and conservation activity, and by using the first the latter is realized: that means that the didactic activities (such as spreading the information or the environmental interpretation) carried out in the area are tools for conservation purposes, which is the marine protected area's main goal. The environmental education activities address children and young people who are going to be the future citizens of the world and, becoming responsible protagonists of environmental protection, will adopt a more respectful behavior towards the environment and the territory as well.

PDF Didactic guide
PDF Environmental interpretation plan

Custodian Dolphins of the Syracusian Sea
12 May - Final initiave in the context of the Environmental Education Proposals for primary schools thanks to the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area and Marevivo Sicilia

Custodian Dolphins discovering the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area

Custodian Dolphins discovering Ortigia

Little Custodian Dolphins become Researchers for a day

The project of custodian dolphins

Custodian Dolphins of the Syracusian Sea

Students of Quintiliano: stage in the marine area



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Environmental education proposals for the school year 2015/2016Environmental education proposals for the school year 2015/2016Environmental education proposals for the school year 2015/2016
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