The valley can be reached from three fascinating villages clinging to the mountain:  Dordolla, Pradis and Ovedasso.
Several paths and mule tracks cross the valley immersed in the silence of the woods and of the summits. These paths allow trained hikers as well as families with children to enjoy the charm of the mountains. You can simply walk near the Vuâlt mountain hut and in the woody hollows of the same name, with the opportunity to deviate and reach the Bianchi Bivouac, the sources of the stream Alba and the ruins of the military shelter, discovering this area's naturalistic, anthropic and historic features. For the most trained hikers there is a wide range of opportunities: from Creta dei Russei to Cuel Brusât, from Mount Crostis to Çuc dal Bôr you will be surely satisfied.
The valley's potential as an ideal place for environmental education, with tourist and recreational purposes  are very high, and didactic activities in the area of the Vuâlt mountain hut are also organized.

(Warning: duration is referred to an average trained hikers with good weather conditions).

Reference Guide: "Alpi Carniche" di A. De Rovere, M Di Gallo, published by Club Alpino Italiano e Touring Club Italiano, in the series "Guida dei Monti d'Italia". 
Reference Cartography: layout n. 018, "Alpi Carniche Orientali - Canal del Ferro", of the hikers' topographic map, scale 1: 25000, published by Tabacco (Ud).

Mount Cjavâlz's hollow
Mount Cjavâlz's hollow
Alta Via del C.A.I. di Moggio
Alta Via del C.A.I. di Moggio
To be walked in two stages
Typology: On foot
Difficulty Level: EE (Alpine level for the ascent to Çuc dal Bôr)
Interest: Geology, Panorama, History, Photography
Climbing to the G. Bianchi Bivouac
Typology: On foot
Interest: Flora, Wildlife, Panorama, Photography
Cròstis valley and Fonderiis mountain pass
Typology: On foot
Interest: Wildlife, Bird Watching, Geology, Photography
Hike by the Rio Simon
Typology: On foot
Interest: Flora, Wildlife, Bird Watching, Geology
Traverse of the Cjavâlz, Glèris, Russèi mountain group
Typology: On foot
Interest: Flora, Wildlife, Bird Watching, Panorama, Photography
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