Interesting Routes

Binn Valley is rich in several historical itineraries, many of which are considered itineraries of great interest. Together with new routes, they offer a wide range of opportunities to explore the environment. Unfortunately, some of them are in bad conditions.
Before Simplon enlargement, "Albrunpass" played an important role for the Italian alpine landscape. This is witnessed by the several archaeological finds that have been discovered along the road. In some points it is still possible to see its ancient plan. The ancient road between Meiringen and Domodossola leads us across the planning area and could be in the future an important connection for the natural area declared UNESCO World Heritage.
One of the few itineraries running along the water pipe (Trusera) leads us from Rappen Valley to Binnachera, across a silent and shady forest.
All the Municipalities of Binn Valley have an approved network consisting of main, secondary, and mountain itineraries.

  • Reconstruction of the Roman roads
  • Enlargement of the other roads
  • Recovery of "Alpentransversale" from Meiringen to Domodossola, as tourist itinerary
  • Recovery of the ancient water pipe (Trusera)
  • Recovery of all the abandoned itineraries.

  • Recovering the damaged itineraries
  • Marking the different stretches of road
  • Documenting and publishing the different possibilities regarding the creation of new itineraries.
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