Points of Interest

Binntal Mountain Lakes

Our mountain lakes are almost always characterized by an intense blue color. If you leave from Imfeld, it takes 2.5 hours to reach Mässersee. Thanks to Alpentäler bus, Halsen Lake is even closer. You can reach it from Brunnebiel in about 1.5 hours. A tour to these beautiful lakes is a good idea for a family on holiday.

If you love nature and demanding tours, we recommend Geisspfad or Blausee. You can reach them by following a marked mountain trail.


The Roman Road

The Roman road represents a particular attraction: it leads from Mörel to Grengiols and Ausserbinn-Binn, across the Albrunpass, in Italy

The road is an ancient Roman road, and therefore it has been declared road of national interest. From Wiler to Ausserbinn, the natural itinerary is intact and still preserves many elements of the past road (dry-stone walls, bricks). The road is also lined with a rich vegetation. The landscape is dominated by the arch bridge over the river Binna.

Along the stretch from Viertel to Hockmatta, the road has been recovered and the characteristic features of the ancient building style - dry-stone walls, brick, wooden fences, trees and shrubs along the edges - have been preserved or successfully recovered.


Welcome to the Enchanted Forest ("Zauberwald")

UA special adventurous itinerary...

In Ernen, in January 2007, an organization was born with the idea to create an amusement park along the Wasen - between Ernen and Ausserbinn. After an important appeal for contributions, in May, with the help of citizens and tourists, the building of the park began. Zauberwald was immediately visited by satisfied families with happy children, nurseries, and kindergartens. The itinerary crossing the magic forest is based on the tale of a squirrel named Brüna. This exciting tale is also a book for children.

On September 2nd, 2007 Zauberwald was officially inaugurated with a big celebration. We hope to be able to repeat this celebration every year.

Further game areas are scheduled for the year 2008, like the Alphorn chute, the wooden deer, the squirrel den - for smaller children - and some equipped educational itineraries. In order to create all this, the organization needs further contributions, that are welcome. The names of the generous friends of the enchanted forest will be engraved in the dedication table within Zauberwald and mentioned in the official web site.


Ernen - The Town of Music in Binntal

The town of music ("Musikdorf") was born from an idea by Professor György Sebök, piano player and music-pedagogue of international fame. He held his first training course in Ernen in 1974. Nine students attended the course during the first year, while the year after they were already forty. The piano and chamber music courses attracted - until the death of György Sebök in 1999 - over 800 musicians from all over the world. From the first year, Sebök's students held performances in the town church. Their concerts have always been successful, and for this reason, György Sebök decided to found a Music Festival for the Municipality of Ernen.

In this way, 20 years ago, this great musician transformed his dream into reality. The future of classical music and his young students were of great concern to him. In 1987, "Festival der Zukunft" (The Future Festival) was born in Ernen: during the festival, young musicians started to amaze the audience. Today Ernen is no longer a music destination for a few chosen ones, but it has become a «must» for all music lovers, as it is demonstrated by the constantly increasing number of spectators.

We await for new guests and wish everyone to take part in unforgettable concerts and interesting music meetings in our "Musikdorf Ernen".

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