Agriturismo Montagna Verde
Via per Apella, 1, 54016, Apella di Licciana Nardi (MS)
Tel: 0187/421203, Fax: 0187/471450 , Mobile: 392/9963407,,
Bed only
Bed and breakfast
Half Board
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Other services
Other services
Schools or Groups
The Operator guarantees that their accommodation is available for: 1) Schools or groups of people. 2) Bus park.
The Operator guarantees that in their accommodation you could find: 1) Safe bike deposit (or bikes in the room). 2) Arrangeable breakfast time. 3) Bike garage or area intended for this scope. 4) Guides and maps of the itineraries. 5) Laundry.
The Operator guarantees that in their accommodation you could find: 1) Projector and room for projections. 2) Arrangeable breakfast time. 3) Camouflage hunting tent. 4) Guides and maps of the itineraries. 5) Laundry.
The Operator guarantees that their accommodation: 1) Does not use coal or diesel as fuels. 2) The faucets have flow reducers to limit water consumption. 3) The light bulbs are energy saving. 4) Has been built without defacing the territory and is not the result of property speculation. 5) The surroundings of the building aren't polluted and don't present any risk to the guests' health and safety.
For everybody
The Operator guarantees that their structure is barrier-free, with: 1) Parking lots with parking spaces near the entrance, and wider than normal, reserved for people with reduced mobility. 2) Wide and regular external path, with possible ramps at least 90 cm wide and maximum slope of 5%. 3) Entrance with door at least 90 cm wide. 4) Spacious reception, without carpets or rugs that make the passage difficult. 5) Wide corridors, or with maneuvering areas for people in wheelchairs. 6) Regular and homogeneous stairs, with comfortable handrails at a height of about 1 meter. 7) Elevators with cabin at least 140 cm deep and 110 cm wide, with a side-sliding door of at least 80 cm. 8) Rooms located on the ground floor or in the immediate vicinity of an elevator, with an access door at least 80 cm wide. 9) Large bathrooms, with sliding door or opening door to the outside, open shower or equipped with a shower box with an opening greater than 70 cm.
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We speak English
We speak Spanish
We speak German
People with disabilities
We accept animals
We do not accept animals
Free Bike
Tennis court
Bike deposit
Bike Rental
Car park
Indoor swimming-pool
Electric car charge point
Free Wi-Fi
American Express
American Express
Diners Club
Diners Club
Bike Hotel
Abete Bianco zoological garden
Holiday farm - Albergo Diffuso - Organic Farm
Good cooking, nature and hospitality. An immersion in the wellness and relaxation of unpolluted landscapes.
We are in the heart of Lunigiana, in the locality of Apella di Licciana Nardi, in the province of Massa Carrara, in the upper Tuscany, at an altitude of 660 m, surrounded by the centuries old chestnut forests of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, where the Malaspinas were the undisputed lords of the whole territory.


The rooms
Our rooms are an extension of the wood of the forests surrounding the holiday farm, almost like branches wrapping you to protect your holiday's quiet. And then the stones, a fundamental element of the culture of Lunigiana, a land of Menhirs. Because hospitality -  settled in a rural culture which is slowly disappearing, where welcoming a guest is a central point - is simple and effective at the same time.>>>

The apartments
They are lodgings obtained from the inside of ancient country houses inhabited by rural families and relatives of Mario Maffei, the current owner and manager of Montagna Verde, that between the late 19th century and the postwar period were left due to the marked emigration which struck the Nation, according to a common destiny shared by all of the Apennine's villages.>>>

Il Castagneto di Apella
Il Borgo Antico
La Torre Restaurant
Our cooking has a strong connection with the territory and its typical products, and is enlivened by a great passion for the enhancement of the rational recipes and the rediscovery of the ancient tastes. Our organic farm, extending over 600 hectares, represents the main source of products we use to create our much appreciated dishes.>>>

The Farm
We believe that biodiversity is a primary goal and a value to safeguard.
The rich and looked-after vegetable gardens in Apella are the symbol of a rural agriculture we wanted to preserve. It is a centuries old family-run activity carried out in those lands difficult to plough with mechanical means, which have been recovered thanks to terraces built through dry-stone walls.>>>
Weather forecast
Weather Licciana Nardi
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Tuesday 1 Heavy rain 6 10 SE 9 km/h
Wednesday 2 Partly cloudy with rain 4 6 ENE 18 km/h
Thursday 3 Cloudy with rain 5 7 ESE 2 km/h
Friday 4 Heavy rain 8 11 SSE 45 km/h
Saturday 5 Heavy rain 8 10 E 4 km/h
Sunday 6 Partly cloudy 6 10 WSW 9 km/h
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