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Environmental Education in the Park

Environmental education aims at contributing to the cultural growth of the resident and non-resident people by promoting, through several initiatives, the historical, archaeological, and naturalistic features of the Park territory.

What has the Park done?
Since the Park establishment till today, projects involving schools and associations operating within the protected area have been elaborated and carried out.

Gens Program

Started in the year 2000, it aims at creating a "network" of relationships, human resources, and citizenship among the Parks; a network also meaning a common strategy of sustainable development, based on a culture able to combine the conservation and modernity of the services, identity and local traditions with a feasible idea of future for young generations.

Bracciano-Martignano Park has joined the following projects:

  • Little Guides: it aims at training "budding guides", that is pupils from kindergartens, elementary and middle schools who, after learning about the features and values of the protected area, find out routes, use trails or other structures, and lead groups, classes, parents, and families to discover the Park.
  • Expert Guides: the project is dedicated to pupils who attend a two-year course; the little guides will continue the discovery journey across the protected area their Municipality belongs to, they will learn about its most important features, they will adopt new trails to become expert guides; they will also begin to discover the problems of the Park.
  • Kids of the Park: the project is dedicated to pupils attending a three-year course. After concluding the activities of discovery, exploration, and research in the protected area, the expert guides will study its economic and social aspects, as well as its problems, to start off a real and demanding task: the council of the kids of the park, which should be a body recognized by the adults' council. It is a complex and articulated project with a strong educational value for adults, who should listen to the needs of kids, who will replace them in the future.

Click here to find all the Environmental Education Proposals (Italian text)

Environmental Education in the ParkEnvironmental Education in the Park
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