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The food products of Aspromonte are linked to the local breeding and agricultural tradition: the crumbly wheat bread cooked in the wood-burning oven, capocollo, a cold cut obtained from the pork shoulder and loin, pappaluni beans, and Aspromonte potatoes. Among cheese, Limina goat cheese, smoked ricotta cheese, and the so-called canestraio. And again, torrone filled with almonds, honey, extra-virgin olive oil, passito Greek wine produced in a small area of the Municipality of Gerace, outside the area of Greco di Bianco DOC.

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In Calabria, both hard and soft nougats are produced (among them, the so-called cumpittu, covered by... >>
It can be produced with sheep, goat, cow's milk, or with mixed milk. It usually has a cylindrica... >>
Slow Food Presidium
 Ciminà Caciocavallo
In Ciminà the caciocavallo is double-headed. It is a small, long and unique cheese, even thou... >>
   Goat Cheese of Limina
The goat cheese produced on the slopes of Mt. Limina is exclusively obtained from goat's milk. I... >>
   Musulupu cheese
Traditional cheese with a greek-albanian origin, the musulupu or musulucu is produced from March to ... >>
 Smoked Ricotta Cheese
It has a dark rind - dark beige or brown, sometimes also very dark brown - varying according to the ... >>
   Aspromonte chestnuts
Chestnuts are grown in Aspromonte since ancient times and are now considered as a typical food produ... >>
It is a particular citrus fruit because it has never been planted or duplicated elsewhere. Similar t... >>
   Carolea, Grossa di Gerace & Co. Cultivars
The presence of slopes cultivated with olive trees together with the rests of several olive presses ... >>
   Aspromonte Potato
Roasted in the oven or char-grilled, an ideal side dish for kid meat or in the soup with onions, pot... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
Light green, brownish, yellow ochre and scattered with reddish specks, or big and white: they are pa... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
  Wheat BreadWheat Bread
Here, like in the whole Calabria region and in Southern Italy in general, it is easy to find bakeri... >>
The stockfish, "a fish reaching places where there is no sea", has always been a popular product in ... >>
Capocollo, which has in Calabria also a PDO version, is a cold cut made with loin or pork shoulder. ... >>
Cold Cuts
   Greco Passito
In the Municipality of Bianco and partly in the Municipality of Casignana, in the province of Reggi... >>
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