Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna

A Forest for All... Senses: A Trail for Sonia

Highly Accessible Trail

  • Trail Conditions: On foot, Accessible Trail

    Drawing visitors closer to nature is one of the Park aims, and this aim is even more admirable if it can involve everyone, without any exception. The principle animating the project is to put at the visitors' disposal some structures which are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.
    In 2002, the first accessible trail was created in Campigna di Santa Sofia (FC) on the Park slope of Romagna, and in 2004 the accessible trail in Badia Prataglia (AR), on the Park slope of Casentino, was inaugurated.
    The first trail, called "Un sentiero per tutti... i sensi" (A trail for all... senses), follows the famous Viale del Granduca di Campigna mentioned by the poet Dino Campana and is structured in 10 points along a route of about 350 meters; the trail in Badia Prataglia, "Una Foresta per tutti... i sensi: un sentiero per Sonia" (A Forest for all senses: A trail for Sonia), develops in loc. Capanno and has as a guiding thread the evolution of the relationship between man and forest over the centuries.
    Both trails, prepared in collaboration with Corpo Forestale dello Stato - Ufficio Amministrazione Riserve Naturali Casentinesi ex ASFD, are structured in points suitable for all visitors and meeting different needs as far as heights, accessibility, and reading of the panels are concerned. Since it is a project dedicated to everyone, it aims at leading us to use all our senses according to our personal condition. The different points are rich in information, objects, and finds; to enjoy all this, sight is not the only important sense, but you are often invited to close your eyes, stop, touch, and listen.
    Trunks, barks, landscapes, traces, sounds, rocks, are all little clues essential to discover the richness of these places, to explore the Park and nature in a different way.

    Accessible Trail
    Accessible Trail
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