Gentile, Minutillo or Monachelle Bean

This bean belongs to the genus Vigna and not Phaseolus, and it has been found in several locations (Valle Peligna). It doesn't need a lot of water, since its roots are very developed. It is appreciated for its adaptability to different cultivation areas, its resistance to adversities, and constant productions. Its "terricolous" taste with a pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste is completely different from the taste of the common bean. Generally called also eye bean, it is a leguminous plant preceding the introduction of the genus Phaseolus from America. The cultivation of this species is not very widespread now because of some negative aspects linked to its cultivation. As a matter of fact, the graduated ripening requires a great number of passages for the harvesting.

Gentile, Minutillo or Monachelle Beans
Gentile, Minutillo or Monachelle Beans
The Producers
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Roccamorice (PE)
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