Extra-virgin Olive Oil

In the Park territory several typologies of extra-virgin olive oils obtained from local varieties are produced. Two typologies have obtained the PDO label: Aprutino pescarese and Colline teatine. Aprutino pescarese comes from the hills of the Province of Pescara and is obtained from varieties like Dritta, Leccino, and Toccolana. The latter is a local variety mainly cultivated in the area of Tocco da Casauria. It has the following features: a color going from green to yellow, a medium-high fruity fragrance, and less than 0.6% acidity.
Colline teatine PDO is reserved to extra-virgin olive oil obtained from the variety Gentile di Chieti, a local variety widespread in the hills of the Province of Chieti within the Park territory. and from Leccino, for no more than 50%.
Valli aquilane extra-virgin olive oil is obtained from varieties cultivated in Peligno piedmont area, like Rustica, included in the list of the Park local varieties and characterized by a good resistance to cold, giving the oil a good content in polyphenols, Leccino and Gentile dell'Aquila, the latter included in the list too.

The Producers
Coltiviamo la diversità Azienda Agricola Bernardi di Minicucci Marcello
Agricultural Holdings - San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore (PE)
Coltiviamo la diversità Az. Agr. Poderi Lupone di Sonsini Carmelina
Agricultural Holdings - Tocco da Casauria (PE)

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