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A borderland between Piedmont and Lombardy, the valleys of Ossola area including Val Grande had and still have an important cold cut tradition: in the past, they were famous for the ham obtained from pigs and goats, for their salami and dried beef, for mortadella. The valley was famous for the pigs bred in a wild state that, during the summer, were brought to the summer pastures with a ring in their nose, so that they could not damage the pastures while rooting around. Cheese-making is an even more ancient tradition, documented before the year 1000. Ossolano d'Alpe cheese (whole milk) and Ossolano or Mezzapasta or Spress cheese (partially skimmed milk) are important products. Also very good goat's milk cheese is produced. Goat breeding, taking place for at least eight-nine months a year in the pastures, is also important for the production of meat and cold cuts. Last but not least, bread production (the most ancient are Coimo brown bread and pan dolce), as well as honey, mushrooms, and berries are worth a mention. The latter are used to prepare top-quality jam.
The Park Authority combines the safeguard of its environmental and cultural heritage with the safeguard of its local products promoted, among the other things, through the gastronomy festival "I Sentieri del Gusto", a traditional event held every autumn in the Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola.

Local ham from Valle Vigezzo
Local ham from Valle Vigezzo
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Cosmetics made up of donkey milk
Innovative line of dermocosmetic products for the body (face, lips, hands, body care and personal cleansing) made up of donkey milk.
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Products in Syrup
Products in syrup are prepared with fresh fruits and fructose syrup, without adding either preservatives or colorings. In the case of fruits flavored with wine, fine vines have been chosen to create ancient and modern recipes.
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Sauce, practical and tasty, are prepared with fresh tomatoes and vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, and are processed at temperatures of no over 65°C to maintain all the vitamin properties and organoleptic features of the raw materials. During the...
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"Sott'Olio" vegetables (vegetables in oil) are prepared with fresh vegetables, without adding neither preservatives nor colorings and are acidified (when necessary) exclusively with white wine vinegar. In any case, only extra-virgin olive oil is used....
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Tea cultivation
Tea is the most popular drink in the world and since August 2017, cultivation has started in the fields of Premosello Chiovenda, a munipality of Val Grande National Park. The market offers many tea varieties, obtained by following traditional processes...
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Vigezzo Mineral Water
Used since 1895 to supply Malesco waterworks, in the early 1970s the spring aroused the interest of a group of entrepreneurs from Ossola, who created "Società Terme Vigezzo s.n.c.". The company offered to the Municipality a valid replacement of...
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