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Via Nazionale, 48, 18024, Pornassio (IM)
Tel: 0183/325052, Fax: 0183/325136 , info@fratelliporro.it, www.fratelliporro.it
Long thin noodles with nettles
F.lli Porro Pasta Factory
The Fratelli Porro Pasta Factory is an artisanal family business on Colle di Nava, in the heart of the Maritime Alps, at 1,000 meters above sea level. We produce fresh stuffed and unstuffed pasta, potato gnocchi and savoury pies, all carefully following the ancient recipes of Ligurian and Piedmont cuisine, trying to keep their aromas and flavours alive.

We have introduced a big change in the way we produce fresh pasta, potato gnocchi and savoury pies, totally eliminating preservatives, artificial colourings, preparations, and flavourings and using only 100% Italian ingredients.
Fratelli Porro is a business that is deeply sensitive to the environment and the territory; we buy most of our raw materials at KM 0, thus creating a remarkable spin-off in the field of agriculture of our valleys.

All this makes our business able to offer entirely genuine products: in addition to being driven by passion and love for good food, we also know that producing things to eat is a great responsibility, which has led us to make a difference in the list of ingredients.
The organic line, along with the natural one, is a great achievement for the health of the consumer and the environment, and the Porro family is a business deeply sensitive to these aspects.

Another very important value that nature gives us is the water, flowing pure from the springs in our Alps, a main ingredient for the purity of the product.

We are all aware of how much food affects our health and our mission is to bring health to the table.
Health at the table tastes good
Porro Family
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