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Didactic Proposals for the school year 2020/2021

"CollinaPo Educazione"
Po River and Collina Torinese Park collaborates with schools, associations, and local authorities operating within its territory, suggesting environmental education activities to schools and organized groups.
The Park Authority belongs to Sistema Provinciale dei Centri di Educazione Ambientale della Provincia di Torino and, thanks to the coordination with Laboratorio Territoriale in Turin, plans and implements every year environmental education projects dedicated to schools and aimed at spreading the culture of environmental and social sustainability in the provincial territory.
The area of Po River and Collina Torinese Park, characterized by the presence of very different features - sites of great naturalistic value, presence of human activity, careful planning for environmental rehabilitation - has all the potentialities of a real "didactic laboratory" scattered all over the territory.
Thanks to its features, it is possible to thoroughly study the relationships existing between man and environment, carrying out educational activities on naturalistic issues, also reaching with public means of transport unique and wonderful urban places situated within the Park Nature Reserves.
Environmental Education at school has a transversal and interdisciplinary training dimension and is a powerful instrument for teachers to arouse in pupils passion, interest, and respect towards the environment; with a clear awareness and a better understanding of the problems and the environmental features, for the creation of correct behaviors towards the environment and the use of the resources.

Are you a teacher?
Here there are many didactic proposals for you and your pupils
What do you usually do after you meet new friends?
Don't you invite them to your house to better know them, do something with them, have a talk with them and introduce them to your family? Good! This is actually what our friends from the Park are going to do. Now that you better know them, they would like to invite you to their place. They want you to know everything about their lives in the Parco del Po: their friends, their favorite places and the things they do during the day. Italian Nase will reveal you all river's secrets, Woodpecker will show you many of the things he can see from above his favorite tree, and Newt will be along with you to discover the ecosystem around him. Are you ready? In the Parco del Po e della Collina Torinese there is a whole world to discover.
In this section you will find all the didactic proposals for those schools going to the River Po and to the hill to learn.

The didactic proposals include classroom meetings and school trips, in agreement with the teachers.

The Didactic and Environmental Education Service of the Park Authority is at the disposal of the schools that want to carry out specific projects, developing programs of activities and organizing trips in the territory of the protected area. Please call 011/4326527 or write at

Didactic structures and collaborations (Italian text)

Click here to find all the Environmental Education Proposals (Italian text)

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Looking at the map
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