Points of Interest

The territory of Po Torinese Park is particularly rich in artistic and architectural evidences left by man during the centuries.
Starting from the Roman age, besides the remains of Augusta Taurinorum (Turin at the times of the Romans), the ruins of the Roman town of Industria, in Monteu Da Po, are particularly interesting.
There are several medieval, Romanesque, Gothic evidences, especially among churches, abbeys, shelters, and castles of the small villages scattered in the hills of Chivassese and in the towns of Carmagnola, Carignano, Chivasso, Crescentino, and Moncalieri.
The 17th-18th centuries are the period for which we find several and spectacular evidences: in this period, almost everywhere the old medieval castles were transformed in sumptuous noble houses or in almost impregnable fortresses, while the simple Romanesque churches are replaced by sinuous Baroque structures, mainly in bricks.
The monumental works of water intake and channels for irrigation purposes date back to the 19th century: they have transformed and characterized the whole Chivassese area (especially in Chivasso, Saluggia, and Villareggia).
Real pearls of the territory are the Royal Apartments of the Savoia family, which have become World Heritage Sites: the castles of Moncalieri, Racconigi, and Valentino, the Royal Palace and Madama and Villa della Regina in Turin, the complex of La Mandria in Chivasso and the Hunting Lodge of Stupinigi in Nichelino.

The drinking trough in Mandria square of Chivasso
The drinking trough in Mandria square of Chivasso

Chivassese Area (The Po of the Hills)

Several are the evidences of the art, the industriousness and initiative of man in the territory of the Po of the Hills, a passage, border, and contact area.
Starting from the excavations of the Roman town of Industria to the abbeys and Romanesque-style small churches concealed in the hills or in the villages, to the castles and shelters, to the great works that are the result of the precise and wise architectural and technical planning like the complex of Mandria di Chivasso or the water intake and channeling structures.

Biandrate Castle in Foglizzo
A fortress dominating the town
Location: Foglizzo (TO)
Bridge over the River Po in Verrua Savoia
The most ancient bridge for 100 km
Location: Verrua Savoia (TO)
Castagneto Po Castle
Where Carla Bruni used to play when she was a child
Location: Castagneto Po (TO)
The square of Ricetto del Borgo del Luogo in Brusasco
Location: Brusasco (TO)
Farmhouse Cerello
Cerello Farmstead in Chivasso
Ancient rural complex that belonged to many noblewomen
Location: Chivasso (TO)
Location: Villareggia (TO)
Industria Roman Settlement in Monteu da Po
Blacksmiths worshipping Isis
Location: Monteu Da Po (TO)
Cavour Channel Intake in Chivasso
Intake of Cavour Channel in Chivasso
Where the most important channel of Italy begins
Location: Chivasso (TO)
Leu in Casalborgone
A shelter on the hill
Location: Casalborgone (TO)
Madonnina Sanctuary in Verolengo
Thaumaturgical fame and popular devotion
Location: Verolengo (TO)
Mazzè Castle
Dominating the morainic amphitheater of Ivrea and Dora Baltea
Location: Mazzè (TO)
Montanaro Abbey Complex
Scenic example of Baroque architecture
Location: Montanaro (TO)
The Octagonal Tower in Chivasso
Octagonal Tower in Chivasso
The last evidence of Monferrato castle
Location: Chivasso (TO)
Regia Mandria in Chivasso
Where the king's horses were born
Location: Chivasso (TO)
Rural Culture Museum (Museo delle Contadinerie) in Lauriano
Agriculture and craftsmanship of the recent past
Location: Lauriano (TO)
Saints Gervasio and Protasio Church in Mazzè
A panorama on the area of Vercelli
Location: Mazzè (TO)
San Genesio Church in Castagneto Po
New Romanesque next to Regio Fonte
Location: Castagneto Po (TO)
San Pietro Cemetery Church in Brusasco
One of the most important Romanesque works in Piedmont
Location: Brusasco (TO)
The façade of Santa Fede Abbey
Santa Fede Abbey in Cavagnolo
Founded by the Benedictines from Auvergne
Location: Cavagnolo (TO)
The Chivasso Cathedral
Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral in Chivasso
A wonderful Gothic façade in terracotta
Location: Chivasso (TO)
The donjon of Verrua Fortress
Verrua Savoia Fortress
Strategic spur dominating the plain
Location: Verrua Savoia (TO)
Villa Castle in San Sebastiano Da Po
With a park planned by Xavier Kurten
Location: San Sebastiano da Po (TO)
Villa Cimena in Castagneto Po
Elegant film setting
Location: Castagneto Po (TO)
The pipes of the Water Elevator in Villareggia
Water Elevator in Villareggia
Cleverness to lift water
Location: Villareggia (TO)

Torinese Area (the Po of the Kings)

The area of the Po of the Kings, densely urbanized, is characterized by a rich texture of elegant and solemn baroque architectures witnessing the period in which Turin, taking Vienna and Paris as models, was one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Here the Kings who decided the fate of the State used to live. However, Turin was and still is a crossroads for pilgrims and merchants, soldiers and artists, researchers and entrepreneurs who have given and continue to give their contribution, enriching the lively cultural, artistic, and architectural texture of the town and its surroundings.

Valentino Castle in Turin
Valentino Castle in Turin
Bela Rosin Mausoleum in Turin
A copy of the Pantheon for the morganatic wife of the first king of Italy
Location: Torino (TO)
Bertolla Laundry Ecomuseum in Turin
To remember a disappeared profession
Location: Torino (TO)
Location: Torino (TO)
Drosso Castle in Turin
Born as fortified area
Location: Torino (TO)
Fountains of the Rivers Po and Dora in Turin
Allegory of Neo-Rationalism by Piacentini
Location: Torino (TO)
Freidano Ecomuseum
Freidano Ecomuseum in Settimo Torinese
The work of man linked to water
Location: Settimo Torinese (TO)
Gran Madre Church in Turin
To remember Vittorio Emanuele I's return from exile
Location: Torino (TO)
Grande Torino Memorial
Location: Torino (TO)
Moncalieri Royal Castle
Particularly dear to Carlo Alberto
Location: Moncalieri (TO)
Monte dei Cappuccini in Turin
Observation point above the town
Location: Torino (TO)
Murazzi in Turin
Walking at the level of water
Location: Torino (TO)
Olympic Arc in Turin
Boldly suspended at 65 meters of height
Location: Torino (TO)
Orsini Castle in Rivalta di Torino
The medieval fortress defending the town
Location: Rivalta di Torino (TO)
Palazzo a Vela or Palavela
Palazzo a Vela in Turin
From Italia '61 to 2006 Olympic Games
Location: Torino (TO)
Guarini's façade of Palazzo Carignano
Palazzo Carignano in Turin
Birthplace of the first King of Italy and housing today the Risorgimento Movement Museum
Location: Torino (TO)
Palazzo Madama
Palazzo Madama in Turin
Two thousand years of history of the town of Turin
Location: Torino (TO)
Palatine Gate in Turin
Location: Torino (TO)
The apse of S. Maria di Pulcherada
Pulcherada Abbey in San Mauro Torinese
Founded during the Frankish period
Location: San Mauro Torinese (TO)
Superga rack tramway
Location: Torino (TO)
Rotta Castle in Moncalieri
Where Vittorio Amedeo II, imprisoned by his own son, became mad and died
Location: Moncalieri (TO)
Royal Palace in Turin
Sober and solemn structures conceal a splendid residence
Location: Torino (TO)
Sambuy Castle in San Mauro Torinese
Noble residence facing the river Po
Location: San Mauro Torinese (TO)
Stupinigi Hunting Lodge in Nichelino
Sumptuous Baroque lodge with a perfect bilateral symmetry
Location: Nichelino (TO)
Superga Basilica
Superga Basilica in Turin
To comply with Vittorio Amedeo II's vow
Location: Torino (TO)
The Fountain of the Months in Turin
Rocaille nostalgia and Liberty ideas
Location: Torino (TO)
The Fruit Museum in Turin
From university collection to evidence of disappeared varieties
Location: Torino (TO)
Kneeling Silenus in bronze with copper and silver inserts, from Industria, Monteu da Po (Turin) First half of the 2nd century B.C. Turin, Museum of Antiquities
Turin Archaeological Museum
From the paleolithic to the Middle Ages
Location: Torino (TO)
Valentino Castle in Turin
For Maria Cristina's amusement
Location: Torino (TO)
Valentino Medieval Village in Turin
One of the most picturesque places of the town
Location: Torino (TO)
Valentino Rocky and Rose Gardens in Turin
Built on occasion of Flor '61 and Flor '92
Location: Torino (TO)

Carmagnolese Area (the Po of the Lakes)

If you want to discover the deepest and most ancient soul of the culture of Piedmont, the Po of the Lakes is the right place for you. The large plain at the foot of the mountains (the term Pedemontium was invented to designate the area situated between Carmagnola, Pinerolo, and Saluzzo) is still characterized by strong local agricultural and cooking traditions. Moreover, in this area the architecture - both noble and rural - better reflects the meeting with the rural world.

Valinotto Sanctuary in Carignano
Valinotto Sanctuary in Carignano
Borgo Cornalese in Villastellone
Founded in the year 1000 by Hungarians and Bulgarians
Location: Villastellone (TO)
Press of Borgonuovo Mill in Osasio
Borgonuovo Mill in Osasio
Using the waters of torrent Angiale
Location: Osasio (TO)
The chandeliers in the prayer hall
Carmagnola Synagogue
The most precious and interesting synagogue of Piedmont
Location: Carmagnola (TO)
Cascina Migliabruna Nuova in Racconigi
Once depending from the Royal Castle
Location: Racconigi (CN)
Della Rovere Castle in Vinovo
With sober Renaissance lines
Location: Vinovo (TO)
The atrium of the Don Bosco Scientific Museum in Lombriasco
Don Bosco Scientific Museum in Lombriasco
From the pyrope to the python
Location: Lombriasco (TO)
Some finds dating back to the Roman period in G. Rodolfo Museum
Giacomo Rodolfo Town Museum in Carignano
From Prehistory to the Resistance Movement
Location: Carignano (TO)
Hemp Culture and Processing Ecomuseum in Carmagnola
Ancient profession of the inhabitants of Borgo S. Bernardo
Location: Carmagnola (TO)
Location: Pancalieri (TO)
Carmagnola Visitor Center
Natural History Town Museum in Carmagnola
Minerals, fossils, and fauna
Location: Carmagnola (TO)
The façade of Racconigi Royal Castle
Racconigi Royal Castle
It houses Czar Nicholas II
Location: Racconigi (CN)
Location: Virle Piemonte (TO)
Rural Culture Museum in Villastellone
Rural Culture Museum in Villastellone
Four thousand objects of a disappeared world
Location: Villastellone (TO)
The façade of Pieve di S. Giovanni ai Campi in Piobesi
Location: Piobesi Torinese (TO)
Detail of the façade of Carignano Cathedral
Saints John the Baptist and Remigio Cathedral in Carignano
Reversing the architectural styles common at that time
Location: Carignano (TO)
San Rocco Church in Castagnole Piemonte
San Rocco Church in Castagnole Piemonte
With six characteristic chapels of the popular religiousness
Location: Castagnole Piemonte (TO)
Storks and Duck Center in Racconigi
Created to reintroduce the white stork, disappeared in the 18th century
Location: Racconigi (CN)
Valinotto Sanctuary in Carignano
With a triple Baroque dome
Location: Carignano (TO)
Villa Cavour in Santena
Villa Cavour in Santena
Where Camillo Benso is buried
Location: Santena (TO)

Lower Vercelli area

Cavour Bridge-Channel in Saluggia
The water of Monviso flowing on the water of Mont Blanc
Location: Saluggia (VC)
Farini Channel Intake in Saluggia
A jewel of hydraulic engineering
Location: Saluggia (VC)
The Church of St Joseph Confraternity in Crescentino
Confraternities Churches in Crescentino
Baroque stuccoworks and frescoes
Location: Crescentino (VC)
Municipal Tower in Crescentino
Municipal Tower in Crescentino
With a bell weighing 25 quintals
Location: Crescentino (VC)
Location: Trino (VC)
Palazzolo Vercellese: Isola Colonia
Location: Palazzolo Vercellese (VC)

Basso Monferrato (Low Montferrat)

Gentle hills dotted with villages, but also the flow of the river Po, the peace of nature, the boundless horizon of the plain: this is Basso Monferrato.
Casale Monferrato is the historical capital of this territory and is a town full of places to visit.

Location: Moncestino (AL)
Location: Gabiano (AL)
Location: Camino (AL)
Location: Pontestura (AL)
Location: Coniolo (AL)
Casale, Torre Civica
Location: Casale Monferrato (AL)
Civic Museum in Casale Monferrato
Location: Casale Monferrato (AL)
Synagogue in Casale Monferrato
Location: Casale Monferrato (AL)
Torre d'Isola in Valmacca
Location: Valmacca (AL)

Alessandria Plain

It is the fertile plain crossed by the Po, Tanaro, Bormida and Scrivia rivers and it is characterised by extensive cereal farming.
The inhabited centres are connected bu the Roman and early medieval road system with a linear development of routes. Alessandria, founded in late Middle Ages, was from the outset the centre where the routes to nearby Liguria, Asti, Monferrato and Lomellina converged.

Location: Valenza (AL)
Pecetto di Valenza
Location: Valenza (AL)
Lake Brusa Vecchia, Isola Sant'Antonio nature oasis
Location: Isola Sant'Antonio (AL)
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