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Six "stations", 18 itineraries: a walk with the Este Duke or across the bridges. There are so many ways to discover the Po Delta.
You can get an idea of the Park territory simply by driving along the several panoramic roads which cross it; however, the best way to discover its natural and historical richness is visiting it on foot, by bike or by boat. There are many bike rentals, which allow visitors to discover the delta along the several cycling tracks of the Park, especially in summer. The Park is dotted with sighting towers and huts for bird watching lovers. Beautiful tours on horseback leave from several farms, as well as from the main seaside resorts. Motorships sailing the delta leave from the ports of Gorino, Goro and Portogaribaldi, offering half-day tours which allow visitors to discover Sacca di Goro and Valle di Gorino lagoons, Mezzanino isle and other areas near the Po mouth. Another historic-naturalistic itinerary goes through Valli di Comacchio, for a journey into the extraordinary world of the "marshland civilization".

Comacchio Valleys
Comacchio Valleys

For People with Special Needs

Although the conformation of the Park territory is varied, its most salient feature is represented by water, be it in the shape of river, sea, marshes or salt basins. Thanks to its particular geomorphological features, the Park territory lends itself better than others to visits by people with special needs. What might seem a limit can in fact provide different "points of view", which can give us a new "reading" of nature.

Boat and bike itineraries in the Po Delta: sailing and cycling in a UNESCO site

Stop the engine and put yourself in "slow" mode! Above all, do not waste the opportunity to try a new experience: if you have never done it, pedal quietly on the flat banks or let yourself be lulled by a boat excursion; and if you have never tried it, learn to fish clams! The suggested itineraries, which regard the northern area of the Po Delta Park between Volano, Mesola and Goro, are always accessible and take place along cycle paths, by boats or on roads connecting the points of interest. Each itinerary could last a few hours or a whole day; for proposals that include navigation, it is recommended to book in advance.
To extend the exploration to the Park in the central area of Comacchio and south to Cervia, just draw on the information on the official website of the Park (

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
 1. Along the Po river: from the Castle to the TowerBy bike By bike
 2. Following the deer of MesolaBy bike By bike
1 h 30 m
Great interest: Wildlife 
 3. Bike & Boat from the Abbey to the mouth of the Po river in VolanoBy bike Boat By bike
 4. Birdwatching by the old lighthouseBoat Boat
2 h
Great interest: Bird Watching 
 5. Clam fishingBoat Boat
2 h
 6. By motorboat to the river mouthBoat Boat
 7. Itineray of the clamBy bike Boat By bike
 8. Bike and Boat from Goro to Volano
Itinerary by bike and by boat
Departure: Goro
By bike Boat Boat
3 h
 9. A journey through the silence of the river mouthBoat Boat
2 h

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
Map with georeferenced itinerary 21 - Argenta - Valli di Comacchio
Departure: Argenta
On foot On foot
E - Hiking (level)
Map with georeferenced itinerary 22 - Valli di Comacchio - Casalborsetti
Departure: Valli di Comacchio
On foot On foot
E - Hiking (level)
Map with georeferenced itinerary 23 - Casalborsetti - Ravenna
Departure: Casalborsetti
On foot On foot
E - Hiking (level)

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