Asparagus from Badoere PGI

Asparagus from Badoere PGI
Asparagus from Badoere
PGI - Protected Geographical Indication

The asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) is one of the protagonists of the spring cuisine of Veneto. Asparagus from Badoere is appreciated for its taste in the characteristic recipes elaborated with skill and patience and combining tradition and creativity.
The asparagus is among the first sprouts announcing the arrival of spring and the warm season. Its young sprouts, called turions, cheer up the table from March to May. They can also be boiled and combined with eggs or rice to obtain traditional dishes, or in several and original combinations enhancing their delicate taste.
The asparagus was discovered as a medicinal plant, and only later it was also used in cooking.
Coming from the surroundings of the Mediterranean basin, to some regions of Asia and Central Europe, the asparagus was known since ancient times by the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. Ancient Greece imported its cultivation and, according to its tradition, it named the vegetable after the exact feature of its fresh sprouts, calling them "full of humor", that is asparagus. In Veneto, the cultivation of these precious vegetables date back to the conquest of the Region by the Romans and has been handed down till present times thanks to the traditions maintained in the monasteries. Today, it involves particularly the Provinces of Vicenza and Treviso, where the asparagus has found its ideal cultivation area in the sandy and muddy soils of alluvial origins.

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