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Abetone - Lago Scaffaiolo

This stage is a classic and scenic hike that connects two of the most famous places of the northern Apennines.

Alta Via dei Parchi Alta Via dei Parchi

On foot         
  • Departure: Abetone (La Consuma) (1,340m)
  • Arrival: Lago Scaffaiolo (1,754m)
  • Duration: 7 hour/s
  • Difference in height: Uphill 1,440m - Downhill 1,030m
  • Accomodation structures: Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi, Capanno Tassoni

The first part of the journey crosses the magnificent forest of Boscolungo going up to the little Refuge Verginetta, near Mount Maiore. The ridge above, which soon comes out of the woods and becomes rocky, leads to the lowest of the two peaks of the Libro Aperto (1936 m). From the excellent panoramic point, the view embraces the whole of the Abetone Pass which lies in an evident split in the ridge line. Descending the ridge below, the view of the Emilian side is dominated by the nearby bulk of Cimone, crowned by the antennas and buildings of a meteorological station. The aerial ridge path alternates endless grasslands and blueberry fields, at times rougher, often on crushed rocks. As always, the Tuscan side is steeper, while the northern one is charachterised by ridges and glacial cirques dotted with large solitary beeches. After the broad saddle of the hill of Acqua Marcia, one passes the Balzoni rocks, then gentler slopes lead to the Croce Arcana Pass. Here one meets the dirt road that goes from Ospitale to Cutigliano. Once past the ski facilities of Doganaccia, one con- tinues until skirting the top of Mount Spigolino, followed by the incision of the Calanca Pass. From there, the ridge splits into a series of depressions, in the last of which is Lake Scaffaiolo. The small body of water lies beneath the grassy top of Mount Cupolino; high on its banks stands the Duca degli Abruzzi Refuge, the last descendant of the orig- inal structure opened in 1878.

Further information

9 lap of: Alta Via dei Parchi

Accommodation: Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi, Capanno Tassoni

Scaffaiolo Lake
Scaffaiolo Lake
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