From the Gonzagas, the theater and the Fontana Forest

The castle of Marmirolo
Pozzolo, S. Isidoro Oratorio
Where to Sleep at:
Marmirolo, Pozzolo di Marmirolo
Where to Eat at:
Marengo, Marmirolo, Pozzolo

In the Middle Ages the territory of Marmirolo was owned by the Canossa family, and since 1055 it became part of Mantua.
Then it became ownership of the Gonzaga family who already owned lands and palaces there. In the village of Ronchi, in the summer of 1328, a conspiracy against the Bonacolsi family was organized to hand Mantua to the Gonzagas. In 1435 Gianfrancesco Gonzaga had a big palace built which was renovated and enlarged many times, with the precious contributions of Mantegna, Leombruno and Giulio Romano. It soon fell into disgrace, so that it was destroyed in the late 18th century.

The small palace of Bosco Fontana - built according to the will of Vincenzo I Gonzaga in the late 16th century - witnessed the splendor of that time. Bosco, today State Nature Reserve, is one of the last parts of the plain forest which once covered the whole Po Valley. In the square of the village, near the liberty-moor-style city hall, there is the Tower from the 15th century that belonged to the walls of the old castle: it is situated in the square of the village, where the original one collapsed in the 18th century.
The SS. Filippo and Giacomo church, a work by the architect Soratini, dates back to 1748, and it houses precious paintings by the artist from Verona Frà Semplice.

In the surroundings there are many natural views created by the river Mincio. The northernmost part is the municipality of Pozzolo sul Mincio, included in the Park's territory, on the left bank of the river Mincio, a picturesque village whose history is written on the water between the river Mincio and the Scaricatore canal. The parish church dedicated to the nativity of Mary dates back to 1768: among the furnitures there are paintings from the 16th century and a group of marble statues representing the Madonna with the Infant Jesus from the 14th century.

  • From Mantua: 8 km
  • Info: ph. +39 0376 294180 - Fax +39 0376 294045

Province: Mantova Region: Lombardy
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