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Castellaro Lagusello medieval town center
Castellaro Lagusello medieval town center

History, Art, and Environment in Mincio Park

The territory of Mincio Park is made of history, art, and environment. There are several destinations besides the organized places of visit of the protected area (Bertone Park Center and Rivalta Park Center) or the Nature Reserves or Sites of Community Importance like Castellaro Lagusello, Valli del Mincio, Vallazza, Chiavica del Moro and Bosco della Fontana State Reserve you can find along the marked itineraries and in their surroundings.
From the castles of the Morainic Hills area to the itinerary along the shores of Mantua lake running along Gonzaga palace, from the Etruscan site of Forcello to symbols of biodiversity like the centuries-old oak tree in Sacca (Italian text). This is only a first selection that will be periodically enriched with new proposals. The map localization will help you to find these places.

Point of InterestLocation
 The lovers of ValdaroAn extraordinary finding: the lovers of ValdaroMantova (MN)
 Virgiliano Archaeological Museum in PietoleAndes and the Virgiliano Archaeological MuseumBorgo Virgilio (MN)
 Andreas Hofer Park, detail of the entranceAndreas Hofer ParkMantova (MN)
 Cavriana, Archaeological Museum in Alto MantovanoArchaeological Museum in Alto Mantovano di CavrianaCavriana (MN)
 Ardietti stronghold, detail of the tholobate of the rear partArdietti strongholdPonti sul Mincio (MN)
 Mantua, Diocesan SeminaryArea of the Episcopal Seminary
Christian Mantua between Late Antiquity and early Middle Ages
Mantova (MN)
 Artwork in the Art Park of Mantua: The Joy TreeArt ParkMantova (MN)
 Bassa dei BonomiBassa dei BonomiVolta Mantovana (MN)
 Beata Vergine delle Grazie Sanctuary, view from the Mincio ValleyBeata Vergine delle Grazie SanctuaryCurtatone (MN)
 Ancient support in Governolo, overall viewBertazzolo basin and River MuseumRoncoferraro (MN)
 Bertone Park and VillaBertone Park and VillaGoito (MN)
 Bibiena Scientific TheaterBibiena Scientific Theater
Bibiena Scientific Theater
Mantova (MN)
 Roncoferraro, Castellazzo della GaroldaCastellazzo della GaroldaRoncoferraro (MN)
 Castle in Pozzolengo, whole viewCastello di PozzolengoPozzolengo (BS)
 Stronghold in Cavriana, whole viewCastle in CavrianaCavriana (MN)
 Castle in Valeggio sul Mincio, detail of the horseshoe-shaped towerCastle in Valeggio sul MincioValeggio sul Mincio (VR)
 Castello di Volta Mantovana, veduta delle due torri del recinto fortificato più internoCastle in Volta MantovanaVolta Mantovana (MN)
 Castle in Ponti sul Mincio, aerial viewCastle of Ponti sul MincioPonti sul Mincio (MN)
 Cavriana, votive aedicula in the locality of GaleazzoCelts and Romans: the site in the locality of Galeazzo - JüdesCavriana (MN)
 Central stronghold (or Magnagutti), view of the external moatCentral Stronghold and Noyeau Stronghold
Ruins of the double bridge head on the Po river
Mantova (MN)
 Clock Tower in MantuaClock Tower in MantuaMantova (MN)
 St. Andrew Church in MantuaCo-cathedral basilica and St. Andrew parish churchMantova (MN)
 Bridge of the Mills, overall viewDam-bridge of the MillsMantova (MN)
 Ducal Palace in MantuaDucal Palace in MantuaMantova (MN)
 Bagnolo San Vito, ForcelloEtruscan city of ForcelloBagnolo San Vito (MN)
 Bagnolo San Vito, ForcelloForcello Archaeological ParkBagnolo San Vito (MN)
 Borghetto, ruins of the ancient fortified wallFortified village of BorghettoValeggio sul Mincio (VR)
 Castellaro Laugello medieval villageFortified village of Castellaro LaguselloMonzambano (MN)
  Gonzaga PalaceGonzaga Guerrieri PalaceVolta Mantovana (MN)
 Bosco FontanaHunting small palaceMarmirolo (MN)
 The central lake's and upper lake's shoresLakesMantova (MN)
 Lunetta Fossamana, detail of the entranceLunetta FossamanaMantova (MN)
 Lunetta Frassino, detail of the inside redoubtLunetta FrassinoMantova (MN)
 Mantua, Mantegna's house, outsideMantegna's HouseMantova (MN)
 Marmirolo's city theaterMarmirolo's city theaterMarmirolo (MN)
 Marmirolo's towerMarmirolo's TowwerMarmirolo (MN)
 Memorial stone for the martyrs of BelfioreMemorial stone for the martyrs of BelfioreMantova (MN)
 Monument dedicated to Pietro Fortunato Calvi, detailMonument dedicated to Pietro Fortunato CalviMantova (MN)
 Monument dedicated to the martyrs of BelfioreMonument dedicated to the martyrs of BelfioreMantova (MN)
 Monumento dedicated to the university students who died for their homeland, detailMonument dedicated to the unversity students who died between 1848 and 1945Mantova (MN)
 Monzambano castle, view of the southeastern wallsMonzambano CastleMonzambano (MN)
 Monzambano, neolithic settlement in the locality of TosinaMonzambano: Neolithic settlement in the loclity of TosinaMonzambano (MN)
 Mantua, Piazza Sordello. National Archaeological MuseumNational Archaeological MuseumMantova (MN)
 Sacca di Goito, the necropolis of the Strada CallieraNecropolis in Strada CallieraGoito (MN)
 Sacca di Goito, necropolis in Strada MussolinaNecropolis in Strada MussolinaGoito (MN)
 Cavriana, Roman necropolis in the locality of Monte Breda. Tomb kit (I century A.C.)Necropolis of the Cavallara roadCavriana (MN)
 Bagnolo San Vito, Ca' RossinaNeolithic settlement in the locality of Ca' Rossina in Bagnolo San VitoBagnolo San Vito (MN)
 New Salvi stronghold, view of the rear partOld Salvi and new Salvi strongholdsMantova (MN)
 Solferino, castle's western wallsOrazio Gonzaga's stronghold and castleSolferino (MN)
 Paiolo Valley, viewPaiolo ValleyMantova (MN)
 Palazzo D'ArcoPalazzo D'ArcoMantova (MN)
 Piazza ErbePalazzo della RagioneMantova (MN)
  Piazza Sordello: the Etruscans and the RomansMantova (MN)
 Pietole's stronghold, entrance from PietolePietole's strongholdBorgo Virgilio (MN)
 Castellaro Lagusello, pile dwwellings in TacoliPile dwellings in Castellaro LaguselloMonzambano (MN)
 Places and monuments in memory of the wars occurred during the RisorgimentoPlaces and monuments in memory of the wars occurred during the RisorgimentoGoito (MN)
 Goito, Ponte della GloriaPonte della GloriaGoito (MN)
  Porto Catena cycle and pedestrian bridgeMantova (MN)
 PozzoloPozzoloMarmirolo (MN)
 Rocchetta di San Giorgio, also called Sparafucile, side viewRocchetta di SparafucileMantova (MN)
 Goito, necropolis in the via PostumiaRoman necropolis in the Via PostumiaGoito (MN)
 Cavriana, Roman villa in the locality of BatudaRural villa in the locality of BatudaCavriana (MN)
 Sacca Oak TreeSacca Oak Tree
One of the oldest trees of the area of Mantua, a silent and shady witness of history
Goito (MN)
 Saint Sebastian PalaceSaint Sebastian PalaceMantova (MN)
 San Giorgio Bridge, view from lake InferioreSan Giorgio bridgeMantova (MN)
 Lungolago di Mezzo, Science Park: cordless phone Science ParkMantova (MN)
 Sigurtà Park gardenSigurtà ParkValeggio sul Mincio (VR)
 Peschiera del Garda, Tognon bastion, 1552Small town of PeschieraPeschiera del Garda (VR)
 Cittadella di Porto, entrance of the dock of the Canottieri Mincio sport club, already a military dockSmall town of PortoMantova (MN)
 Marmirolo's bell towerSt. Philip and St. James parish churchMarmirolo (MN)
 Te PalaceTe PalaceMantova (MN)
 San Giorgio Castle in MantuaThe Castles of MantuaMantova (MN)
 Massimbona watermillThe Mills of the NaviglioGoito (MN)
 Torre di Goito. Stretch of the Via PostumiaThe Via PostumiaGoito (MN)
 Travata water pumping plantTravata water pumping plantBagnolo San Vito (MN)
 Viscontis' dam-bridge, view from the central towerViscontis' dam-bridgeValeggio sul Mincio (VR)
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