Parco del Monte Subasio

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In the Park Surroundings

  • Spello
    The town is situated on a hill in the south of Subasio massif. It boasts Roman origins, as demonstrated by the southern walls, Porta Consolare, Porta Venere, Porta Urbica, and the amphitheater. Spello is a typical medieval town: narrow and winding streets, ogival arches, squares, towers, flights of stairs, façades with Subasio pink stone. The churches preserve real works of art of the Umbrian school. At the end of the 15th century Pintoricchio, in Santa Maria Maggiore, in Bagioni chapel, painted some of his most important works.
    On Corpus Christi Day, wonderful flowerbeds cover the streets and squares of the town. These are real works of art surviving only for one day.

  • Nocera Umbra
    It is set among gentle hills, not very high mountains, and large valleys. The town was founded by the Umbrians and flourished above all in the Roman epoch after Via Flaminia was built. The town center has a medieval urban structure.
    Important monuments are San Francesco Church (preserving the works by Niccolò Alunno and Matteo da Gualdo) and the Cathedral.
    The territory is characterized by the abundant and precious presence of several water springs which, over the centuries, have been completed by baths and bottling plants.
    In August in Nocera Umbra, "Festa delle Acque" and the famous "Palio dei Quartieri" are held.

  • Valtopina
    This town was named after the valley of the river Topino, where it is situated. This territory was interested by the human presence already in the Paleolithic Age, but its importance grew after Via Flaminia was built in the Roman Age. There are several evidences dating back to the 4th century B.C. and Roman finds between Collettaia, Pieve Canonica, Ponte Rio, Poggio.
    In the Middle Ages it was in the middle of a complex system of castles and a mosaic of monasteries, towns, and fortresses. Santa Cristina Church is worth a visit: it was built with the stones of Poggio castle, of which only the imposing tower remains.
    Near the town there is Molini Buccilli, a watermill which is still perfectly working, situated at the confluence between Fosso dell'Anna and other streams.

  • Rivotorto
    It is situated at the foot of Mt. Subasio, near Assisi. Santa Maria di Rivotorto Sanctuary preserves the so-called "Sagro Tugurio", where St. Francis gathered his friars before using "Porziuncola" of Santa Maria degli Angeli, where the Franciscan order was founded.

  • Santa Maria degli Angeli
    A few kilometers from Assisi, there is Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli preserving the so-called "Porziuncola", a particularly beloved place for St. Francis, and "Cappella del transito", built where the Saint died.

Province: Perugia Region: Umbria

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