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Environmental Education Activities in Monte Subasio Park 2013-2014

The educational activities in Monte Subasio Park are carried out by the Association G.U.M.P. (Gruppo Umbro Mineralogico e Paleontologico) and by the National Forest Service.
Together with G.U.M.P. it is possible to carry out guided visits to the Permanent Exhibit annexed to the Geopaleontology Ecological Lab of the Park Offices.

Didactic proposals 2013/2014

About us
Our activities range from geology to paleontology, from zoology to botany, from chemistry to physics, from anthropology to archeology. The strength of our activities is a multidisciplinary method as far as the cognitive, didactic and popular approach is concerned. All the activities are carried out by a young staff also very skilled in didactic, with a long experience in conveying to pupils at any age the concepts of environmental education and sustainable development. Operators are all highly-trained and qualified in didactics and environmental education, so that they can offer high-quality services. For schools at any grade we offer didactic proposals including both practical activities to be implemented in the classroom and school trips aiming at acquiring a deeper knowledge in the scientific as well as historical-anthropological field.

The exhibit
The laboratory houses a permanent exhibit about geology and paleontology which is divided into three rooms: the first room deals with the processes of formation of fossils and with the geological eras by exhibiting fossils from all over the world. The second room's theme is Subasio Mountain with its rocks and fossils. The third room, which has been recently opened, deals with different issues, some of them also very fascinating: fossil reptiles of the Mesozoic Era discovered in some deposits of international importance, comparisons between the Jurassic Era in Umbria and in the rest of Europe, the extinction of ammonites and dinosaurs.

The activities
Practical activities are usually carried out at school. There are different scientific activities, which can take place in the classroom or in the open air, both in the areas close to the schools and in other local areas. The main goals of these activities are:
- to make pupils understand the importance of environmental protection,
- to give pupils the basic concepts,
- to develop their manual skills
- to develop their planning skills
It is possible to organize hikes in Park's territories to learn about the geological, nature, landscape and historical emergencies of the territories belonging to the Subasio Park.


For further info, please call the number +39 339 7743826.

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Environmental Education - Workshop Water and Rocks
Environmental Education - Workshop Water and Rocks
Ecological Workshop of Geopaleontology at the Park Head Offices
Ecological Workshop of Geopaleontology at the Park Head Offices
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