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Points of Interest

Cultural Features

The Park could be visited from a historical point of view, in an excursus that embraces past centuries and millennia: from the "Saracenic" walls of Filettino (IV-V centuries BC) to the ruins of the ancient Camerata, set on fire in 1859, passing through the center of Jenne with the castle where Pope Alexander IV was born and the Castle Caetani of Trevi in Lazio, extended on 800 square metres.
However the two main points of interest are the Sanctuary of Santissima Trinitià in Vallepietra and the center of Subiaco with St. Francis cloister (1327), the Medieval bridge (1356), the triumphant arch (1787), Sant'Andrea co-cathedral (1789) and the district where Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia were born. Outside Subiaco, visiting Valle Santa, there are the ruins of Emperor Nero's villa, built near to the River Aniene barricading and the Monasteries of Santa Scolastica and St. Benedict. Finally Cervara is an open-air museum with its sculptures on the rocks, its alleys and its staircases.

Point of InterestLocation
 Arcari WorkshopArcari WorkshopCamerata Nuova (RM)
  Arch of TreviArch of TreviTrevi nel Lazio (FR)
 Artists' StaircaseArtists' StaircaseCervara di Roma (RM)
 Borgia FortressBorgia FortressSubiaco (RM)
 Boundary of the Papal States on Mt. ViglioBoundary ColumnsFilettino (FR)
  Bridge of S. MauroSubiaco (RM)
 Bridge of St. FrancisBridge of St. FrancisSubiaco (RM)
 View from Caetani CastleCaetani CastleTrevi nel Lazio (FR)
 Ruins of Camerata VecchiaCamerata Vecchia or the Ancient HamletCamerata Nuova (RM)
 Catacomb of SurivaCatacomb of SurivaSubiaco (RM)
 Cervara di RomaCervara di RomaCervara di Roma (RM)
 Church of Madonna della Croce: detail of the frescoChurch of Madonna della CroceSubiaco (RM)
 Church of Madonna della RoccaChurch of Madonna della RoccaJenne (RM)
 Church of S. BernardinoChurch of S. BernardinoFilettino (FR)
 Church of S. Giovanni EvangelistaChurch of S. Giovanni EvangelistaVallepietra (RM)
 Church of S. Giovanni: side altarChurch of San GiovanniFilettino (FR)
 Church of San LorenzoChurch of San LorenzoSubiaco (RM)
 Church of San Michele ArcangeloChurch of San Michele ArcangeloJenne (RM)
 Church of San NicolaChurch of San NicolaFilettino (FR)
 Church of San PietroChurch of San PietroSubiaco (RM)
 Church of San Rocco at Cervara di RomaChurch of San RoccoCervara di Roma (RM)
 Church of Sant'EmidioChurch of Sant'EmidioCervara di Roma (RM)
 Church of Santa Maria AssuntaChurch of Santa Maria AssuntaCamerata Nuova (RM)
 Church of Santa Maria Assunta: organChurch of Santa Maria Assunta - CryptTrevi nel Lazio (FR)
 Church of Santa Maria delle GrazieChurch of Santa Maria delle GrazieCamerata Nuova (RM)
 Circle of San Mauro at SubiacoCircle of S. MauroSubiaco (RM)
 Cloister of St. FrancisCloister of St. FrancisSubiaco (RM)
 Co-cathedral of Sant'Andrea: inside detailCo-cathedral of Sant'AndreaSubiaco (RM)
 Collegiata Santa Maria della VisitazioneCollegiata Santa Maria della VisitazioneCervara di Roma (RM)
 La PrugnaLa PrugnaCervara di Roma (RM)
 La Rocca of Cervara di RomaLa RoccaCervara di Roma (RM)
 Le morre at Cervara di RomaLe MorreCervara di Roma (RM)
 Little Temple of Madonna del RiposoLittle Temple of Madonna del RiposoTrevi nel Lazio (FR)
 Church of Madonna delle GrazieMadonna delle GrazieJenne (RM)
 Mola vecchiaMola VecchiaJenne (RM)
 Renaissance-style cloister of the Benedictine Monastery of Santa ScolasticaMonastery of S. ScolasticaSubiaco (RM)
 Monastery of St. BenedictMonastery of St. BenedictSubiaco (RM)
 Monumental Library of Santa ScolasticaMonumental Library of Santa ScolasticaSubiaco (RM)
 Museum of the Mount: Transhumant and PaintingsMuseum of the Mount: Transhumant and PaintingsCervara di Roma (RM)
 Museum Sanctuary of Santissima Trinità di VallepietraMuseum Sanctuary of Santissima Trinità di VallepietraVallepietra (RM)
 Niche of MadonnellaNiche of MadonnellaSubiaco (RM)
 Niche of Santa Maria della PortellaNiche of Santa Maria della PortellaTrevi nel Lazio (FR)
 Niches of Sacre degli OpificiNiches of Sacre degli OpificiSubiaco (RM)
 Observatory of PratagliaObservatory of PratagliaCervara di Roma (RM)
 Oratory of Madonna della CroceOratory of Madonna della CroceSubiaco (RM)
 Oratory of San PietroOratory of San PietroTrevi nel Lazio (FR)
 Painting of Camerata Vecchia FirePainting of Camerata Vecchia FireCamerata Nuova (RM)
 Palace of Missione at SubiacoPalace of MissioneSubiaco (RM)
 Palace of Moraschi PiattiPalace of Moraschi PiattiSubiaco (RM)
 Palace of Seminario at SubiacoPalace of SeminarioSubiaco (RM)
 Parish Collegiata of Santa Maria AssuntaParish Collegiata of Santa Maria AssuntaFilettino (FR)
 Parish of S. Andrea ApostoloParish of S. Andrea ApostoloJenne (RM)
 Pianto delle ZitellePianto delle ZitelleVallepietra (RM)
 Public Cultural Centre - LibraryPublic Cultural Centre - LibrarySubiaco (RM)
 Public FurnacePublic FurnaceJenne (RM)
 Public MillPublic MillJenne (RM)
  Ruins of Aqua TraianaSubiaco (RM)
 Ruins of Caetani CastleRuins of Caetani CastleVallepietra (RM)
 Sanctuary of SS. TrinitàSanctuary of S.S. TrinitàVallepietra (RM)
 Santa Maria della PortellaSanta Maria della PortellaCervara di Roma (RM)
 Church of Santa Maria della Valle at SubiacoSanta Maria della ValleSubiaco (RM)
 Saracen Walls at FilettinoSaracen WallsFilettino (FR)
  Sarcophagus of Aniensis tribesSubiaco (RM)
  So-called "dei Carbonari" TurretSubiaco (RM)
 Square of Pietra SprecataSquare of Pietra SprecataSubiaco (RM)
 The Mount of EuropeThe Mount of EuropeCervara di Roma (RM)
 Triumphal Arc: detailTriumphal ArchSubiaco (RM)
 The Villa of Nero at SubiacoVilla of NeroSubiaco (RM)
 War memorialWar memorialSubiaco (RM)

Geological Features

Many are the environments, giving a wide biodiversity to the Park

The area, mainly mountainous, is characterized by two streams of water: the river Aniene growing from Fiumata in the Municipality of Filettino (FR) and the stream Simbrivio growing from Vallepietra (RM) under the Sanctuary of SS. Trinità. Among the mountains of Simbruini range, Mt. Viglio (2156 m), Mt. Tarino (1961 m), Mt. Autore (1855 m) and Mt. Cotento (2015 m) could be discovered. This range is interrupted by karstic plains like Camposecco, Campaegli, Campo Buffone, Fondi and Ceraso with dolinas and beech forests.
Many are also the caves: the Inferniglio Cave in Jenne (EM), the Pozzo del Gelo in Camerata Nuova (RM) and the Stoccolma Cave in Campaegli (Cervara di Roma, Rm).

Point of InterestLocation
 Campo StaffiCampo StaffiFilettino (FR)
 CamposeccoCamposeccoCamerata Nuova (RM)
 Faunistic area of the DeerFaunistic area of the DeerCervara di Roma (RM)
 Inferniglio caveInferniglio CaveJenne (RM)
 Lake of San BenedettoLake of San BenedettoSubiaco (RM)
 View of Mt. Autore towards the Abruzzo slopeMt. AutoreSubiaco (RM)
 Mt. TarinoMt. Tarino and Mt. TarinelloFilettino (FR)
 Mt. ViglioMt. ViglioFilettino (FR)
 Pozzo della NevePozzo della NeveJenne (RM)
 Spring of ComunacqueSpring of Trevi in LazioTrevi nel Lazio (FR)
 Stoccolma CaveStoccolma CaveCervara di Roma (RM)
 Excavations of Mora Cavorso CaveThe Mora Cavorso CaveJenne (RM)
 Water of CardellinoThe Water of Cardellino and the spring of TartareJenne (RM)
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