PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Panficato is a traditional product of Giglio Island: it is a sweet loaf, rather tender, with a brown color, made with the most common fruits the island offers, like dried black figs or neruccioli, small and dark, that are dipped into some wine, broken into small pieces, and mixed with almonds, sun-dried sweet grapes, walnuts, pine nuts, honey, and dark chocolate flakes. The loaf obtained is then cooked in the oven.
It is produced from Christmas to Easter and, if in the past it was a family product, today is produced by "Pasticceria Fausto" in Giglio Porto according to the ancient recipe. It is eaten together with Ansonica del Giglio passito wine.

The Producers
  Pasticceria Fausto
Confectioner's Shops - Isola del Giglio (GR)

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