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Acadia National Park from Maine (USA) and Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park have become Sister Parks

(Feltre, 30 Set 10) Dolomiti Bellunesi continue their intense work of comparison with the international world of parks:
  • The twinning linked to the emigration of people from Belluno and from Venetia in the world led to the creation of "sister park" relationships with Nahuel Huapi Park in Bariloche (Argentina) and Omora Park in Navarrino Island (Chile).
  • The "sister park" relationship with Durmitor Park in Montenegro, in the near and delicate Balkan area of the former Yugoslavia.
  • The 15 years of life celebrated with the congress "Parchi per una sola Terra", giving birth to the "Charter of Feltre" as a proposal to improve the destiny of our protected areas, opened a serious cultural and institutional debate on the Italian policy for the parks.
  • Today the "sister park" relationship with one of the best and most dynamic American parks, Acadia National Park in Maine, integral part of the great and efficient American protected area system managed by the National Park Service.
Some of the aims of the cooperation:
  • Sharing resource and biodiversity management methods and techniques.
  • Electronic communication and technical information exchanges, including software programs for science and resource management applications.
  • Park planning and environmental interpretation planning methods exchange.
  • Exchanges of environmental education techniques, programs, and facilities, including plans and designs for youth education camps and curriculum.
  • Sharing of outdoor education methods and tools, for reconnecting children to nature and for developing guidelines for the "No Child Left Inside" (Equilibri naturali) international campaign.
  • Sharing of management experiences of the volunteers in parks program.
Moreover, the cooperation between the Parks may be useful to access both public and private funds, at a national and international level.

"The experience of Acadia Park – has declared Nino Martino, Director of Dolomiti Bellunesi – is very important for us, since it witnesses the efficacy in the fields of nature, landscape, biodiversity, and culture preservation and in the search for new ways to promote a compatible development in the complex modern society, that are an integral part of the DNA of a national park, both in Italy and in the States. We have a lot to learn, a lot to study, but we are also very proud of the fact that the American colleagues pay a lot of attention to the Italian condition, since they consider it very close to them and one of the most advanced in Europe. The US parks do not only mean wild nature, but also a strong meeting between man and nature to preserve, exactly as we have here in Italy".

"I am very proud – has declared Benedetto Fiori, President of Dolomiti Bellunesi – that our Park is able to express proposals and initiatives that are so appreciated in the world and lead to collaboration agreements of this level. We hope that the Italian Parliament and Government will have the opportunity to increasingly invest in the parks and in their cutting edges, for all of us and for our future generations".

Further info:

PDF Sister Park Arrangement between Acadia National Park and Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi

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