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Points of Interest

Discovering Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

There are many easily accessible localities offering interesting naturalistic and landscape features.

Point of InterestLocation
Ardo ValleyBelluno (BL)
 Vedana CharterhouseCertosa di VedanaSospirolo (BL)
 Col dei MichCol dei MichSovramonte (BL)
Caiada from Casera CirvoiConca di CajadaLongarone (BL)
 Croce Aune from Strada VetteCroce d'AuneSovramonte, Pedavena (BL)
 Gena AltaGena AltaSospirolo (BL)
Arson Mt. San MauroLasen - ArsonFeltre (BL)
Panorama from Mt. ServaMt. ServaBelluno (BL)
CampotorondoPattine and CampotorondoGosaldo (BL)
Pian d'AvenaPedavena (BL)
San Martin ValleyFeltre (BL)
PizzoccoThe Southern Slopes of Tre Pietre and PizzoccoSan Gregorio, Cesiomaggiore (BL)
Val CanzoiCesiomaggiore (BL)
Val Cordevole, Candaten, Recreational AreaVal CordevoleSedico, Rivamonte Agordino, La Valle Agordina (BL)
Pian Fontana Mountain Hut seen from La VaretaVal del GrisolLongarone (BL)
Pramper Val BalanzolaVal PrampèrForno di Zoldo (BL)
Valle del MisSospirolo, Gosaldo (BL)
Valle di LamenFeltre, Pedavena (BL)
 Valle Imperina MinesRivamonte Agordino (BL)


Artefacts, sites and locations of particular interest

Medieval hospices and ancient mines, churches and fortifications, old towns and tiny Alpine villages: the Park offers several visiting opportunities to history and architecture enthusiasts, too.

Point of InterestLocation
 BellunoBelluno's old town centerBelluno (BL)
 Casera dei RonchCasèra de i RónchLongarone (BL)
 Orza - Characteristic houseCasera in Orza di Sovramonte
Terraced Casere
Sovramonte (BL)
 Vedana CharterhouseCharterhouse of VedanaSospirolo (BL)
 Feltre's old town centerFeltre's old town centerFeltre (BL)
 Former Hospice of CandatenFormer Hospice of CandatenSedico (BL)
 I Castei: Sass de San Martìn BlockhouseI Castei: Sass de San Martìn Blockhouse
Defense System
Rivamonte Agordino (BL)
 Val del Mis, La StuaLa Stua
Complex in Valle del Mis
Gosaldo (BL)
 Apple tree with blooming vine on the mountainsMontagneCesiomaggiore (BL)
 Pendana and Casera BrendòlPendana and Casera Brendòl
(Malga Brendòl)
Cesiomaggiore (BL)
 San Liberale di Pedeserva ChurchSan Liberale di Pedeserva ChurchBelluno (BL)
 The Lime Kilns of Val CanzoiThe Lime Kilns of Val CanzoiCesiomaggiore (BL)
 Valle Imperina, inside melting furnacesValle Imperina Mining CenterRivamonte Agordino (BL)


The word biotope ("place of life") indicates the environment where a community of living organisms lives (called biocenosis). The biotope and biocenosis together form the ecosystem. Some of the most significant biotopes situated in the Park or nearby are listed below:

Point of InterestLocation
 Val del GrisolFir Tree Formation in Val del GrisolLongarone (BL)
 San Eustachio Small LakesSan Eustachio Small LakesCesiomaggiore (BL)
 Valle dell'Ardo, potholeThe Gorges of Torrent ArdoBelluno (BL)
 Vincheto di Celarda, deersThe Osier Grove in CelardaFeltre (BL)
 The Stony Grounds of VedanaThe Stony Grounds of VedanaSospirolo (BL)
 Campagne e masiere itineraryVedana LakeSospirolo (BL)


Geosites are places or territories of particular geological, geomorphological or landscape interest, therefore worthy to be protected.
The following ones are some of the most significant geosites in the Park.

Point of InterestLocation
 Caiada from Cirvoi - CAI 509Caiada ValleyLongarone (BL)
 Erera Brendol Plateau and Piani Eterni from CimiaErera - Piani Eterni Karst PlateauCesiomaggiore (BL)
 Vette FeltrineThe Cirques of Vette Feltrine
(Busa delle Vette, Busa di Pietena, Busa di Cavaren-Val Caneva, Busa di Monsampiano, Circo delle Sere, Circo dei Podoch, Busa dell'Orso)
Sovramonte (BL)
 Vedana CharterhouseThe Stony Grounds of VedanaSospirolo (BL)
 La Stua Lake from CAI 806The Trail of the Caserin (Sass de Mura)Cesiomaggiore (BL)
 Val Canzoi, Caorame along trail CAI 806Val CanzoiCesiomaggiore (BL)
 Val Cordevole, Candaten, Recreational AreaVal CordevoleSedico (BL)
 Pian Fontana Mountain Hut seen from La VaretaVal del GrisolLongarone (BL)
 Mis LakeVal del MisSospirolo (BL)
 Valle Imperina, inside melting furnacesVal ImperinaRivamonte Agordino (BL)
 Panorama Valle dell'ArdoValle dell'ArdoBelluno (BL)
 Van de ZitaVan di Città (Van de Zità)Longarone (BL)

Wildlife Watching

In the whole Park's territory it is possible to carry out interesting faunistic observations. Some zones are particularly suitable for such activities, because they are very rich in fauna or because they host particular habitats; you are going to find a description below. Good binoculars and a notebook to write down your remarks are fundamental tools you should always bring with you. A camera can be used to document your observations which, if you want, can be entered in the Park's database through the Biogis system.

Point of InterestLocation
 Busa delle VetteBusa delle VetteSovramonte (BL)
 Cajada, PalughetCaiadaLongarone (BL)
 Dal Piaz Mountain Hut from Croce d'AuneCroce d'AunePedavena (BL)
 Monte CirvoiMonte CirvoiLongarone (BL)
 Cima di Pramper from malga PramperetPramper Torrent - Pian de PaluiVal di Zoldo (BL)
 Mount PizzoccoRifugio Casera Ere and slopes of Mount PizzoccoSan Gregorio Nelle Alpi (BL)
 Prati di Salet and Mt. CoroSaletSedico (BL)
 SospiroloSospirolo AreaSospirolo (BL)
 Val CanzoiVal CanzoiCesiomaggiore (BL)
 Val del GrisolVal del GrisolLongarone (BL)
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