Points of Interest

The Points of interest of the Park

The Park could offer in every season landscapes and hidden corners that suprise for their semplicity. Squares and porticos witness to the Gonzaga's past, rivers, reserves and oases, valuable archaeological remains, museums. Visiting our municipalities and our territory reveals an area different from what you could imagine.

Location: Calvatone (CR)
Bogina Channel
Location: Commessaggio, Viadana (MN)
Castle of Ostiano
Location: Ostiano (CR)
Church of San Tommaso di Acquanegra sul Chiese
Location: Acquanegra sul Chiese (MN)
Educational Park of Gambara river
Location: Volongo (CR)
Gonzaga's Square of Isola Dovarese
Location: Isola Dovarese (CR)
I Lagazzi di Piadena Natural Monument
Location: Piadena Drizzona (CR)
Le Bine
Location: Acquanegra sul Chiese (MN) e Calvatone (CR)
Oxbow lakes of Gerra Gavazzi and Runate
Location: Canneto Sull'Oglio (MN)
Location: San Martino dall'Argine e Gazzuolo (MN)
Peat bogs of Marcaria
Location: Marcaria (MN)
Pontoon Bridge
Location: Ostiano (CR)
Pontoon bridges of Oglio Tower
Location: Marcaria e Viadana (MN)
Church of San Martino dall'Argine Castle
Location: San Martino Dall'Argine (MN)
Gazzuolo, porticos
Location: Gazzuolo (MN)
The walls of Bozzolo
Location: Bozzolo (MN)
Valleys of Mosio
Location: Acquanegra sul Chiese (MN)
Villa Fraganeschi
Location: Pessina Cremonese (CR)
Willow grove of Oglio outlet
Location: Marcaria, Viadana e Suzzara (MN)
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