The Park, characterized by a flat territory in a mainly agricultural context, offers products like melons, apples, and pears deriving from the work in the fields, as well as Grana Padano cheese and cold cuts obtained from the animal husbandry activities. Situated between Cremona and Mantua, the area is characterized by very tasty dishes: the pumpkin, with a doughy and hard pulp and a sweetish taste, together with mostarda, that is a sauce based on fruit and tasting like mustard, is an essential ingredient for the filling of tortelli mantovani, the most characteristic local dish. The sheet of pasta dough is made with eggs, water, and flour, and filled with a mixture of pumpkin, amaretti biscuits, Grana Padano, nutmeg, and mostarda: they can be simply flavored with melted butter and grated Parmigiano cheese, and sometimes with some sage leaves.

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Sbrisolona CakeSbrisolona Cake
Dry cake without a non-smooth mixture, with lumps. It is made with white flour, corn flour, almonds,... >>
PDO - Protected Designation of Origin
Grana Padano PDOGrana Padano PDO
The origin of Grana Padano cheese is disputed between Lodi and Codogno. However, from this limited a... >>
  Viadana Local MelonViadana Local Melon
Viadana is a melon production area boasting certain cultivation evidences dating back to the 16th c... >>
Called wild hop, it grows along the watercourses, like the river Oglio. The buds of this plant, gat... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
It belongs to the cucurbits family. With a high content in potassium and very few fats, a pasty and... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
It is obtained from one third of the front quarter muscle, one third of throat, and one third of po... >>
Cold Cuts
   Gras pista
Fresh lard beaten with a knife, flavored with parsley and garlic. Ideal on roasted slices of polenta... >>
Cold Cuts
Greppole are made with the less fine parts of the fat pork texture (meat cuttings, gristle, subcuta... >>
Cold Cuts
Fresh sausages obtained with second-choice pork cuts (shoulder lean meat and soft bacon and ham trim... >>
Cold Cuts
It is a cause of pride for the whole province. For its preparation - at the beginning of the winter ... >>
Cold Cuts
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