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There are many different local products and gastronomic specialties.
Viso Valleys are well-known for their cheese: the most famous one is Nostrale. Other kinds of cheese are the so-called Rifreddo, made of small "tome" which were sold on straw trellies, while Barge was famous for its production of pecorino cheese.
The valley houses an important craftsmanship of preserved meat, above all in Cavour; there are two kinds of cold cuts which are worth tasting, the so-called Batiùr or Mariùr and the beef salami, one of the few salami in Italy made with beef.
Saluzzo, "the Siena of Piedmont", gives the name to a white hen which is more difficult to find than Bionda breed, but also to the DOC wine of Colline Saluzzesi, dedicated to the grapes Pelaverga, Quagliano, Nebbiolo, and Barbera.
Ancient apple varieties have survived in the areas which are not exploited by fruit growing, while chestnuts are commercialized on the market of Paesana.

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The etymology of Batiaje, corn meal pastries characteristic of the upper Po Valley, could be the same of Batiùr: as a matter of fact, like the boiled salami, these cookies were eaten on the occasion of a christening. There is also another explanation,...
Category: Sweets
Other characteristic sweets of Monviso valleys are Losëtte, Brut e Bun ("awful but good") with almonds and hazelnuts, the biscuits with Pelaverga, and Risòle, fried ravioli filled with jam and spread with sugar.
Category: Sweets
In the area, other medicinal herbs are produced: wormwood (used above all for the production of vermouth), tarragon, Klamath weed, hyssop, lemon balm, common mallow, rue, thyme, sweet marjoram, sage, and savory. Since 1981 in Pancalieri the regional...
Category: Fresh Herbs
Pancalieri is a town of 1,900 inhabitants situated on the left bank of the river Po, 30 km uphill from Turin: it can be considered the small capital of the mint. As a matter of fact, the whole plain between Cuneese and Basso Pinerolese areas can be considered...
Category: Fresh Herbs
The big family of Nostrale cheese in Piedmont includes many kinds of cheese which are different for size, weight, and processing method. In this area, where many breeders lead their cows to the summer mountain pastures, the cheese reminds of "tume...
Category: Cheese
At the beginning of the 20th century, Piedmont produced thousands of apple varieties. The traditional apple tree growing has gave way to the intensive apple tree growing carried out in the plain, and in the 1960s the local varieties had already been...
Category: Fruit
Bionda Piemontese Hen and Bianca di Saluzzo Hen
Until a few decades ago every farm in Piedmont used to bred hens, ducks, geese, and rabbits: small farmyard animals which were eaten or sold to round off the poor earnings. As far as hens are concerned, there were two traditional breeds: Bionda Piemontese...
Category: Autochthonous Breed and Meat
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It is a traditional salami made of pork meats flavored with spices, bagged in the pork bladder. The double dialect name derives from the fact that it was eaten on two occasions, at a baby's christening and during the first visit of the future son-in-law....
Category: Cold Cuts
It was made with beef pieces which couldn't be otherwise used: today it is a specialty. It consists of 80% beef meat, 20% pork bacon, salt and pepper. Six liters of Nebbiolo wine per quintal of meat must be added, and it is bagged in natural bladder....
Category: Cold Cuts
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