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Points of Interest

History and Culture

The richness of Sirente Velino Regional Park lies not only in its nature, but also in its precious heritage of history, culture, and traditions inherited by a past that contributed to define the identity of this territory and its community and whose signs are still today well-preserved and evident.

Further information

Alba fucens
Alba fucens

Archaeological Areas

If you love archaeology, but also if you would like to discover "the other side" of the Park, we suggest you to spend one or more days to visit the archaeological heritage making this Park a place of extraordinary beauty and historical value. Several evidences and important archaeological finds are scattered throughout the Park territory: the archaeological area of the ancient Roman colony Alba Fucens, Rovere Castle in Rocca di Mezzo, the Italic temple of Castel di Ieri, the archaeological area of Molina Aterno, the ancient Superequum in Castelvecchio Subequo.

It is recommended to carry out the visit together with the authorized tour guides. For information and guided visits, please contact the Park Information Points.

Further information

Point of InterestLocation
 Roman Bridge, AccianoAcciano Archaeological AreaAcciano (AQ)
 Alba FucensAlba Fucens, Massa d'AlbeMassa d'Albe (AQ)
 Catacomb, Castelvecchio SubequoAncient Superequum in Castelvecchio SubequoCastelvecchio Subequo (AQ)
 Corbellino, Fagnano AltoFagnano Alto Archaeological AreaFagnano Alto (AQ)
 Imperial Villa in San Potito, OvindoliImperial Villa in San Potito, OvindoliOvindoli (AQ)
 Italic Temple in Castel di IeriItalic Temple in Castel di IeriCastel di Ieri (AQ)
  Molina Aterno Archaeological AreaMolina Aterno (AQ)
 Interior of Rovere CastleRovere Castle, Rocca di MezzoRocca di Mezzo (AQ)
  Secinaro Archaeological AreaSecinaro (AQ)
Celano Castle
Celano Castle

Castles, Towers, Medieval Villages

On foot, by bike, or on horseback. Choose how you prefer to travel, for one or more days, to discover the medieval traces in the Park, its well-preserved ancient splendor which is still visible today. Castles, watchtowers and defensive towers, fortified areas, walls with towers and bridges can be seen both within town centers, in their surroundings, or in isolated places.
The following places are worth a visit: Rovere Castle, Celano Castle, Gagliano Aterno Castle, the ruins of the castle of S. Potito in Ovindoli, the ruins of the castles of Beffi and Roccapreturo, the ruins of the castle of Tione and Fagnano Alto, the circular tower in Aielli, the rests of the fortified village of Goriano Sicoli, the fortified villages of Castelvecchio Subequo and Castel di Ieri, the fortified village of S. Iona and S. Maria del Ponte in Tione, the palace-castle of Molina, the fortified village of Fontecchio.

For information and guided visits, please contact the Park Information Points.

Further information

Point of InterestLocation
 Celano CastleCelano CastleCelano (AQ)
  Cerchio VillageCerchio (AQ)
 14th century Tower with clock, FontecchioFontecchio VillageFontecchio (AQ)
 Gagliano Aterno CastleGagliano Aterno CastleGagliano Aterno (AQ)
  Historic center of PescinaPescina (AQ)
 Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito d'OcreMonastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito d'Ocre
Set in the harsh mountains, the monastery dominates Valle dell'Aterno
Ocre (AQ)
  Pescina CastlePescina (AQ)
 Pescina TowerPescina TowerPescina (AQ)
 Roccapreturo CastlesRoccapreturo and Beffi CastlesAcciano (AQ)
St Mary Church and Hermitage in Pietrabona
St Mary Church and Hermitage in Pietrabona

Monasteries and Churches

If you visit the Park, you cannot miss its religious treasures. Besides wonderful buildings and monasteries, it is recommended to visit, preferably on foot, the rural churches and the oratories you can unexpectedly meet along lonesome and silent roads, along the transhumance trails, or in the mountains. Their landscape context and their stylistic simplicity evoke a deep sense of peacefulness.
Worth a visit: St Mary Church in Valle Porclaneta in Magliano dei Marsi, the Holy Trinity Church in Tione degli Abruzzi, Collegiata di Santa Maria del Ponte in Tione, St Lucy Abbey in Rocca di Cambio, St George Monastery in the country hamlet of Goriano Valli, and Sant'Angelo Monastery in Ocre.

For information and guided visits, considering that not all the churches are open, please contact the Park Information Points.

Point of InterestLocation
  Churches in VenerePescina (AQ)
  Collegiata di Santa Maria del PonteTione degli Abruzzi (AQ)
 S. Petronilla rural churchRural Churches (AQ)
 S. Antonio churchS. Antonio ChurchPescina (AQ)
 S. Maria delle GrazieS. Maria delle GraziePescina (AQ)
 San Berardo churchSan Berardo ChurchPescina (AQ)
 Ocre MonasterySant'Angelo MonasteryOcre (AQ)
 St Francis Church and Monastery in Castelvecchio SubequoSt Francis Church and MonasteryCastelvecchio Subequo (AQ)
 St George MonasterySt George Monastery
Goriano Valli, country hamlet of Tione degli Abruzzi
Tione degli Abruzzi (AQ)
 St Lucy Abbey, Rocca di CambioSt Lucy AbbeyRocca di Cambio (AQ)
 St Mary Church in Valle PorclanetaSt Mary Church in Valle PorclanetaMagliano de' Marsi (AQ)

Art and culture

Point of InterestLocation
 Ignazio Silone's graveIgnazio Silone's gravePescina (AQ)
 Siloniano Center and MuseumMuseum and Centro Studi SilonianoPescina (AQ)
 Mazzarino house-museumMuseum MazzarinoPescina (AQ)
 S. Francesco TheaterS. Francesco TheatrePescina (AQ)
  War memorial
(Municipality of Venere)
Pescina (AQ)
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