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Caciotta Cheese
It is a semi-cooked cheese obtained from raw milk and maturing from 1 to 2 months. It has a light rind and a slightly compact texture. Production Techniques: milk is heated up to 36°C. Rennet is then added, and the curd is broken into walnut-size...
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Country Cheese (Paesano)
It is a delicate cheese, maturing for at least two months. It is produced with raw milk in the cheese factory, with natural enzymes. Packaging: unless you purchase it from the local staff shop, it is sold in whole rounds of about 1.5 kilos. Production...
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Crescenza Cheese
Fresh cheese with a soft and white texture Production Techniques: milk is pasteurized and then cooled down. When it reaches the 44°C, milk enzymes are added. It is curdled at 38°C. After breaking the curd, the product is put into rectangular...
Category: Cheese
Fresh cheese to eat within a short time from the production date. It has a white color and rectangular or pyramidal shape. Production Techniques: the whey is heated up to 88°C. Salt, milk, and citric acid are added. Afterwards, the flocculation...
Category: Cheese
It is a fresh cheese that can be eaten with various dishes in the various seasons of the year: as a matter of fact, it well matches with mixed salads. Packaging: available in rounds of ½ kilo or 1 kilo. Conservation and use: keep in the fridge....
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Liquid, white, and with an average density. To consume within two weeks from the production date. Production Techniques: milk is pasteurized and then cooled down. When it reaches 44°C, milk enzymes are added and the product is put in a bain-marie...
Category: Cheese
Mature cheese with a white texture and a dark rind. Production Techniques: ricotta is stirred and salt is added. It is put then into semispherical molds and, after extracting if from the mold, it is covered with a mixture of spices (white and black...
Category: Cheese
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